IFLA 2019 Knowledge Management

Satellite Conference

Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Libraries

Thursday, 22 August, 2019

Ionian University

Corfu, Greece

Artificial intelligence (AI) creates new possibilities for humans to leverage machines to complete complex tasks -- sometimes tedious, repetitive, and even dangerous -- with much-improved accuracy and speed. Its potential in advancing societies and benefiting lives seems only subject to the limits of the imagination, but, at the same time, AI introduces ethical and socioeconomic concerns. AI generally envisions more technology and fewer people. It is reasonable to predict that AI will mainstream in several critical areas, including information services soon; therefore, libraries must pay attention to its impact.

This one-day satellite conference will be a showcase and discussion forum for how AI implementations in libraries can be used successfully to improve and manage library processes in libraries and organisations. In addition, the conference intends to bring together practitioners and experts from a wide-variety of institutions to share knowledge and demonstrate AI research, especially to discuss areas of human/computer interaction or the intersection of "man and machine." This discussion is meant to relate to the IFLA 2019 WLIC theme of "Libraries: Dialogue for Change."

Conference Co-Chairs

Sylvia Piggott, seapiggott@gmail.com

Xuemao Wang, x.wang@uc.edu

This satellite conference is co-organised by the IFLA Knowledge Management Section and the IFLA Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship Special Interest Group.

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