Leaders Online Forum 2020

Getting Better @ Getting Better:
Equity, Empathy & Education for Today’s Students

We change the game for the most vulnerable students by making their assets the foundation of a powerful education.

For 25 years, the Institute for Learning at the University of Pittsburgh has welcomed innovative leaders from around the country to meet and engage in deep, inquisitive discussion of the issues and ideas regarding methods of improving education, particularly for our most vulnerable students, and to come together to address the challenges of our industry.

Reflecting on the changing needs of our communities, we have assembled this online conference to present keynote speakers, roundtable discussions, and workshops to continue to expand and deepen our dialogue on key issues, as well as the new challenges that are presented in transitioning education to online delivery methods.

Each session duration is 1 hour. Forum attendees will receive access to all sessions and may attend depending on preference.

Improvement for Today’s Students: What We Have Learned Working Online


25-Year Retrospective and Welcome


What Have We Learned From Online Learning That Can Help Us Reimagine Education?

Amanda Godley, University of Pittsburgh



Facilitating High‐Level Math Tasks in a World of Virtual Instruction

Moving from Quick Write to Essay

Are We Ready to Teach Every Student
to High Standards?



How Is Equity Online Different From Equity on the Ground?

David E. Kirkland, New York University


Student-Centered Routines for Online Inquiry Text Discussions

Online or In‐Person, the Design of Math Intervention Activities Matter

How We See Students of Color Matters



Beyond the “English Learner” Label: Recognizing the Ingenuity of Multilingual Learners, and Reimagining Pedagogical Possibilities Beyond the Pandemic

Ramón Antonio Martínez, Stanford University



Leadership Matters: Building a Culture of Learning & Improvement

Accountable Talk® Discussions: Shaping Student Voice and Growing Minds

Generating Design Ideas for District Curriculum Maps/Pacing Guides

Systems, Coherence, and Collaboration



Improving Middle School Literacy IS About Equity

Dallas ISD Network for School Improvement

Partner's Choice

Prescheduled sessions: A district, a cluster, or a team selects a topic, problem, or challenge to discuss with IFL fellows.