IEEE-IES Technical Committee on Factory Automation

Welcome to the official pages of the Technical Committee on Factory Automation (see our scope). This site is aimed to provide essential information to those interested in the field of industrial automation.

Here, you will find information on recent and upcoming technical events and presentations; calls for papers; copies of important presentations by industry leaders; details of special sections and issues in the IEEE journals; information on books; downloadable copies of papers awarded best paper title; and many other resources.


The Technical Committee on Factory Automation (TCFA) aims to promote synergic interactions between experts from industry and academia (in order) to foster the development and adoption of scientific methods, models, and tools for the efficient design and operation of industrial and factory automation systems. The technical scope of the TCFA encompasses a broad range of technologies relevant to industrial and factory automation systems, including communication systems, real-time and networked embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, in-vehicle systems, automated control, intelligent and cooperative robotics, computer vision, and human-machine interaction. Desirable properties in the context of industrial and factory automation, such as security, fault-tolerance and dependability are also addressed. In order to disseminate novel ideas and emerging trends, research results and practical achievements, the TCFA members regularly meet at IEEE-IES conferences. They also actively participate in the organization of technical tracks, special sessions and workshops at IEEE-IES conferences, and run special sections of the IEEE-IES Transactions and journals.