IEEE Fifth international workshop on

Security and Forensics in Cyber Space

In conjunction with IEEE WCNC 2019

15-18 April 2019, Marrakech, Morocco

IEEE Fifth international workshop on

Security and Forensics in Cyber Space

SFCS 2019

In conjunction with

15-18 April 2019, Marrakech, Morocco

About SFCS workshop

Previous Editions: SFCS 2012 | SFCS 2014 | SFCS 2015 | SFCS-2016

SFCS is an international workshop event that highlights new trends and findings in hot topics related to security and forensics in cyber space. This fifth edition will be held in conjunction with IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, on 15-18 April, 2019, in the fascinating city of Marrakech, Morocco.

With the continuous growth of cyber connectivity and the ever increasing number of applications, remotely delivered services, and networked systems have required the need for digital security. Today, more and more government agencies, financial institutions, and business enterprises are experiencing security incidents and cyber-crimes, by which attackers could generate fraudulent financial transactions, commit crimes, perform an industrial espionage, and disrupt the business processes.

The sophistication and the borderless nature of the intrusion techniques used during a cyber security incident, have triggered the need for designing new active cyber defense solutions, and developing efficient incident response plans. In this context, digital forensics has emerged as a disciplined science allowing to note and collect evidences left on the compromised system prior to the incident occurrence, and carry out an analysis to: (a) understand what occurred; (b) determine the set of exploited security weaknesses; (c) trace attackers to their source; (d) study the attackers trends and motives; and (e) propose a set of optimal countermeasures to stop and mitigate the effect of the attacks.

The international workshop on Security and Forensics in CyberSpace (SFCS 2019) promotes research and innovative ideas in the realm of cyber security and digital forensics. It provides a prominent venue for researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners to share their thoughts, exchange ideas, and prospect future and potential axes of collaboration. Papers focusing on any aspect of the theory and practice of cyber security, defense, and digital forensics are solicited. A large spectrum of advanced topics are covered, ranging from anti-forensics detection and recovery, cyber security and forensic in wireless and mobile communication systems, multimedia security and forensic content processing, development of novel theories and techniques of cyber security and forensics analysis and validation, and forensics in cloud computing and social networks.

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline (Extended): (10 January 2019) 30 January 2019

Acceptance/Rejection Notification: (15 February 2019) 20 February 2019

Camera Ready Submission Deadline: 1 March 2019

Workshop date: 15 April 2019