Project mentors:

      • Salman Shah
      • Hrishi Hiraskar


  • To be held over Slack/Hangouts.
  • Two Project Evaluations.


  • 2 Projects (Groups of 4)
  • 4 Assignments (Groups of 2)


  • Week 1: Java Introduction - I

Date: 29/04/2017 - 6pm

Overview: Hello World in Java, Data Types, Control Flow, Loops, Advanced Data Types, Basic OOP Concepts

Homework: Student Record Program / Application (Teams of 2)

  • Week 2: Java Introduction - II

Date: 6/04/2017 - 7pm(Mostly)

Overview: Advanced OOP Concepts, Unit Testing in Java.

Homework: Write Unit Tests for Student Record Program (Teams of 2)

  • Week 3: DBMS Basics

Overview: Introduction & Relational Model, Disks, Memory, Buffers

Homework: To be decided

  • Week 4: Files

Overview: File Organizations, Intro to Indexing

Homework: To be decided

  • Week 5 : Trees and Hashes

Overview: Tree-based Indexes, Hash-based Indexes

Homework: To be decided

  • Week 6: Relational Algebra + Mid-Term Project Evaluation

Homework: Review your classmates work and implement those changes in your project!

  • Week 7: SQL

Overview: Basics of SQL and a simple application using SQL.

Homework: Student Record with SQL as Database

  • Week 8: Query Evaluation

Overview: To be decided

Homework: To be decided

  • Week 9: Final Project Evaluation and Cloud Computing Introduction

Overview: Introduction to popular Cloud Platforms and how to use them

Homework: To be decided