IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Technical Committee on Renewable Energy Systems


The Renewable Energy Systems Technical Committee is interested in all aspects related to Renewable Energy Generation, Distribution, Use, Storage and Integration.

The RES-TC has 60 members both from industry and academia in most fields relevant to Renewable Energy Systems (6 of which are in the 2015 Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers).


  • May 2020 - Two new members, Prof. Emilio Lorenzani and Dr. Giovanni Migliazza, join the TC-RES
  • IEEE IECON 2020 - Special Session with TC-RES support: Advances on Marine Renewable Energy Converters Design, Monitoring, and Control
  • IEEE IECON 2020 - Special Session with TC-RES support: Tidal Stream and Wave Energy Converters: Design, Monitoring, Resilient Control, and Grid Interface
  • Submission IEEE IECON 2019 - Please e-mail the Chair for sponsoring Special Session at the annual conference.