About IEA

The Inclusive Education Association recognizes that education is the most basic human right. The aim of the association is to ensure that inclusive education is accessible to all. In order to provide more democratic education, association does research, production. In addition working on transferring information about the methods, providing consultancy to institutions and organizations, creating public opinion, producing trainings for disadvantaged groups (eg disabled people, disadvantaged people), organizing events and broadcasting, innovative was established with the aim of developing educational projects and supporting developed projects.

Our aim:

  • Developing education projects for disabled, disadvantaged groups,
  • Carrying out activities to ensure that disabled and disadvantaged groups have equal opportunities and active participation in the society,
  • Informing the public about these issues,
  • Conducting research for the activation and development of its activities,
  • To organize training courses such as courses, seminars, conferences and panels,
  • To provide all kinds of information, documents, documents and publications necessary for the realization of the purpose, to create a documentation center, to announce the activities of the newspaper, magazines, books and bulletins to publish such publications,
  • To take part in international activities, to become a member of associations or organizations abroad and to cooperate with these organizations or to cooperate.