IDPA at ASC for 2018

Announcements -- Updated 8/14/2018

  1. IDPA Rule of the Week for 8/14

5.1 Procedural Error (PE) Procedural Errors add 3 seconds per infraction and are assessed when:

A. A shooter fails to follow the shooting procedures set forth in the written stage description.

B. A shooter breaks a rule of the game.

C. A conduct violation described in the Shooter’s code of conduct as determined by the MD.

A PE is assessed for each type of infraction. If the shooter commits more than one type of infraction, such as using the wrong specified hand and firing an incorrect number of shots, a separate PE is assessed for each type of infraction

2. Join one of the following Facebook pages to keep up on club and match announcements (especially as we get closer to match days): IDPA at ASC, IDPA Illinois, Aurora Sportsmen's Club.

3. EMAILS -- Check the email you used to register frequently during the week leading up to the match. Any new information, changes to the schedule, or weather related news will be sent to this email address.

4. FINDING THE RANGE -- If you are unfamiliar with Aurora Sportsmen's Club or where to go for the match once you arrive, please use the map to the right.

Aurora Sportsmen's Club Rifle/Pistol Range Area

  • Enter the range off of the north side of Rueff Rd. across from the Sporting Clays area.
  • Follow the drive to the first main parking area and turn right. Continue straight on the road that goes between the 100yd and 200 yd rifle ranges to the backside of those berms and the Action Shooting Sports area.
  • Once you park and check in, please help with set up to ensure we start in a timely manner.

Email Chris at if you have any other questions.

Match Registration


Save time on match day -- download, print and sign your waiver at home.

  • ASC Waiver required for all non-ASC members for each IDPA event

All match days are on the 4th Sunday of the month except for November. All on-line registration opens on Saturday 1 week earlier.


--> Click here for the ASC Waiver for non-ASC members

MATCH FEES for 2018

$25 base fee

  • $10 discount if you are a member of ASC
  • $5 discount if you are a member of IDPA

* $25 fee for classifier events is set by IDPA. Sorry, no discounts.


7:30am - Set-up begins. We need volunteers with trucks to haul equipment from the Connex by the office to and from the range.

8:00am - Shooters check in. Pre-registered shooters must check in by 8:30 or risk giving up their slot to a walk-on. We ask that you help finalize set-up to help us start on time.

8:45am - Mandatory shooters' safety meeting. This will take place when set-up is finished. The faster the set-up, the sooner we get to the meeting. All shooters must attend the safety meeting.

9:00am - First shots (depending on the timing of set-up and the meeting)

2:00pm - Tear down and haul equipment back to the office. We kindly request that people help carry back materials once tear-down is complete.

Important Match Information


This is a reminder that without an IDPA member number, your scores will not be accepted by IDPA when we upload them. To have your scores available for upload and viewing, (and to get an additional discount on your match fee) support IDPA by becoming a member. (IDPA website)


Please know the rules before you compete. Our Safety Officers must ensure that upwards of 80 people safely complete the match, and while they do not mind answering questions and explaining or interpreting the occasional rule, it is up to all participants to know the rules about equipment, gear, round counts, cover, reloading, movement, etc ahead of time. Stopping the match to teach a shooter how to play the game slows down the day and makes it longer for everyone. (IDPA rule book)


IDPA has specific rules about safety that must be followed at all times. These can be found in the IDPA rule book. Participants who break these safety rules will be DQ'd.


There are 2-3 safe tables for use during a match. One is on the road approaching the match area across from the 25-yard range, one is typically around stage 5 and 6, and a third is typically at stage 1. Know the IDPA rules regarding safe tables. No ammunition is allowed at a safe table (even if it is on your person in a magazine). No snap caps are allowed at safe tables. Do not sweep yourself or anyone else with the muzzle. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction (the berm or the safe table backstop). See the IDPA rule book for complete rules regarding safe tables.


IDPA mandates a cold range. Participants: If you arrive at the match with your loaded concealed carry firearm, you will need to unload it completely at the safe table across from the 25 yard range before you can register. At all times, everyone's firearm must be unloaded (magazine out, no round in the chamber, and "hammer down"). The only time the firearm may be loaded is on the firing line under the direct command of a safety officer. Failure to follow these IDPA rules will result in an immediate disqualification. Spectators: Spectators watching the match who can legally carry a concealed firearm may do so, but they must stay on the gravel road that runs along the bays. At no time may a spectator carrying a loaded firearm enter the stand-by area off the road at the opening of any of the bays.