IdeaLife Assembly

Comfortable, Affordable, Maharishi Vastu® Accommodations

on the IdeaLife Assembly Campus adjacent to the Maharishi Vedic Pandit Village

in northwest Maharishi Vedic City.

You can see detailed accommodations options here.

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Deep Experience

Perfect Vastu

Pure Knowledge

The profound silence and group program on this campus enables the best TM experience.

Private two-bedroom cottages

for long term comfort

and convenience.

Our beautiful Hall of Knowledge

is the perfect venue for education

for enlightenment.


to experience firsthand what our guests say:

"Staying on the campus was a great experience. The rooms were exceptionally quiet, clean, comfortable, and in Vastu! I was thrilled to get a two-room suite and a private bath for a very good price.

I would recommend this to everyone who comes to Fairfield."

Michael Neer, Fresno, California

"The silence is awesome. The space is abundant, the kitchen is well equipped, and sharing is friendly and easy."

Sonette Steyn, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"The rooms are very clean and well kept, the environment is great, and I enjoyed myself. I would recommend to anyone seeking peace and serenity. The bliss is here. Come!"

John E. Pickering

"Upon arrival, I received a warm welcome, and was graciously assisted with my (extensive) baggage. Settling in was easy as the accommodations were very comfortable and inviting, and all possible needs were obviously anticipated. The settled atmosphere, cultivated by years of the Vedic Pandits residing here, is enhanced by the quiet, rural setting. My early morning walks were exquisite, and a cherished memory of my time here."

Linda Leshay, Charleston, South Carolina

"I love my rooms...most nights my head hits the pillow and no time seems to have passed and it is 5 am. I am having great support of nature and I get to ride my bike a lot more."

Natalie Hansen

"I really enjoyed it, the best thing was greatly improved sleep...very blissful sleep."

Henry Simms, Orange County, California

"It has been a real pleasure to welcome the bright and friendly course participants to the IdeaLife Assembly campus, from around the country and the world. They have already created a wonderful feeling here.

With our neighbors, the Maharishi Vedic Pandits, creating coherence here every day, as they have done for many years, and with the beautiful country setting, this is a uniquely peaceful and silent place to visit or live. I've been greatly enjoying my time here."

Hinton Clabaugh, IdeaLife Campus Manager

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