IDEA 연구실에서는 반도체 칩으로 구현되는 System-on-Chip (SoC) 아키텍처와 설계 기술에 관련된 하드웨어와 소프트웨어에서의 다양한 문제들을 연구하고 있습니다. 최근 우리는 빅 데이터와 인공지능 어플리케이션에서 기인하는 메모리 및 스토리지 데이터 병목현상을 해결하기 위한 지능형 데이터 중심 컴퓨팅 아키텍처, optical link를 포함하는 차세대 온칩 인터커넥트 등의 분야에서 시스템 레벨 연구에 초점을 맞추고 있습니다.

The IDEA lab is investigating various hardware and software challenges related to System-on-Chip (SoC) architecture and design technology implemented as semiconductor chips. We have recently focused on system-level research in intelligent data-driven computing architectures to address memory and storage data bottlenecks caused by big data and artificial intelligence applications, as well as next-generation on-chip interconnects including optical links.

We are recruiting self-motivated students (graduates and undergraduate interns) who want to explore and uncover new knowledge to change the world.


AI Acceleration

SoC On-Chip Network

Near Data Processing

Next Generation Memory


(2022-08) Sang Min Hyun's paper is accepted by the MDPI Electronics.

(2022-07) Min Gu Kang's paper is accepted by the IEEE Access.

(2022-05) Prof. Tae Hee Han is awarded the SKKU Teaching Award.

(2022-02) Welcome! Chang Ho Ryu and Ho Jung Yoo have joined our group as graduate students.

(2021-12) Min Chae Yang is accepted by the Samsung Electronics Memory business.

(2021-12) Min Chae Yang's paper is accepted by the IEEE Access.

(2021-11) Prof. Tae Hee Han serves as the Program Manager in Computer System & Processing, National Research Foundation of Korea.

(2021-08) Yong Wook Kim's paper is accepted by the IEEE Access.

(2021-05) Young Sik Lee's paper is accepted by the IEEE Access.