Creating an Ideal Kitchen Backsplash

When it comes to designing a kitchen, most of us usually think about those countertops. Well, there is no denying the fact that countertops hold primary value in the kitchen but it’s a horizontal design which doesn’t make striking impact for anyone entering in your kitchen for the first time. In fact, it isn’t made to create a design this way. Countertop is more of functionality than design. Thus, you may think about enhancing the character of your kitchen by inducing a design element. That design element is the backsplash which makes a kitchen to look like a kitchen.

When we talk about creating a backsplash in the kitchen, we usually consider tiles. Panels made of bricks and stones are also preferred in this regard. These tiles and panels surely give character to the backsplash but higher expense and the messy set-up for application for these panels are the biggest hurdles which, sometimes, hold the homeowners back from this decision. Furthermore, there is also the cost of labor which you have to bear. In this scenario, you may wonder if there could be an alternative option. Well, there is an option and it’s the faux paneling.

When you incorporate something into your living spaces in order to make those areas look good, you are always concerned about how those items individually look. Thus, when it comes to installing faux stone or brick panels, it’s your right to ask if these panels, after being attached on the wall, look like real stones and bricks. Well, they certainly do. Modern faux panels mainly consist of high quality and hard but flexible polyurethane. Some manufacturers also include crushed stones or bricks in the composition in order to create the texture which would look exactly like real. Hence, such installation in surely going to make an aesthetic and functional difference you ask for.

Next big thing to ask is the price of these panels. With all the real looks, these panels are incredibly inexpensive as compared to authentic stones and bricks. And when we talk about the cost, it doesn’t only include the purchase price but it also brings with it an ease in installation. In general, you don’t need any professional help if you want to install faux stone or brick panels in the backsplash area. You will just need an adhesive, a hammer, cutting tool, nails, and caulking material. You will just have to make sure that you are good at taking basic measurements. You will surely be able to enjoy this DIY project.