A Clean Environment for Everyone

"Sky Sweeping"

The CLEARSKYS device spins freely with the wind to capture micro-dust in the air. It filters the micro-dust particles as the air moves through the filter in the back of the unit.

Multiple CLEARSKYS are mounted on top of buildings.

(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

Drone fleets would be programmed to service the device filter. They would turn filter rolls and insert new filters as needed and could also be automated to fly pre-programmed routes.

(Drone Deploy)


  • Steel Body: 1.3m horizontal, 1m height, 1.8m length
  • Tail Fin: Airplane-looking tail with a checkered design
  • Proprietary filter under design
  • Bearing in center bottom of main body allows CLEARSKYS to spin freely
  • Mounted on a steel pole


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