The following papers and presentations have been accepted for the workshop

Authors attending the workshop are in italics:

Workshop Paper:

Playing together: The importance of joint engagement in the design of technology for children [.pdf]

Catalina Naranjo-Bock & Jennie Ito from Google

Social Interaction and Child Development [.pdf]

Glenda Revelle, Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas

Some Ideas for Joint Engagement [.pdf]

Dr. techn. Lara Lammer from TU Wien

Connecting Hospitalized Kids and their Families with Social VR Games [.pdf]

Stefan Liszio and Maic Masuch from the University of Duisberg-Essen

Co-Engagement with the Natural World through an Interactive Mobile Application [.pdf]

Saba Kawas from the University of Washington

Digital Toys for Role-Playing Together

Chris Lindgren and Willow Mellbratt from Toca Boca

Joint Engagement: Designing for Conflicting Desires and Needs

Cathy Tran from Osmo

Sit Down & Play

Lindsay Rawitscher from Northwestern University

Welcome to Spell

Cindy Lam and Bruce McCandliss from Stanford University

Model-Based Attention Acquisition Behaviors in Interactive Robots [Paper pdf] [Presentation slides]

Eric Deng and Maja Mataric from the University of Southern California

Thank you for your interest in the workshop!