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Mini Teacher Grants

IAEA Art Room Grants! Art room grants can be used for a variety of projects and materials, including but not limited to art supplies directly related to the enhancement of art education within your classroom. Funds must be used within 6 months following an award. Recipient can receive up to $100 per grant. Art room grants are available to current IAEA members who have not received a grant from IAEA in the past two years.

Spring Application Deadline: April 1st

Fall application deadline: October 1st

Naomi S. Velasquez - IAEA Art Educator of the Year

Congratulations to our 2018-19

IAEA Art Educators of the Year!

Diane Earnest - Elementary Art Educator of the Year

Kerry Moser - Middle School Art Educator of the Year

Lisa Delonas - Distinguished Within the Profession

Susie Fisher - Retired Art Educator

art educators of the year nominations

It is never too early to consider nominating someone for a state or national award. Self-nomination is also acceptable. Consider the characteristics of outstanding art educators. Think about their ability to touch the lives of young children and encourage them to flourish and grow. Consider those who inspire lifelong learning through their actions and example. Consider those who reach out to others to build strong mutually beneficial partnerships with others to support student learning through visual arts. Consider those who are risk takers and creative thinkers that think not only of ways to solve challenges but how to meet their needs straight on and with a proactive attitude.

Think of those who provide thoughtful leadership and inspire all those around them to say yes! Think of those who work quietly behind the scenes but have a gift to make things seem seamless and easy even though the challenge may seem impossible. Is this you? Is this someone you know?

We must reach out to educators within other divisions including middle level, high school, museum educators, as well as others and weave a fabric with multiple levels of experience, color, and texture. We are often the first voice but a very strong and lasting one when shaping experiences that can last a lifetime. The IAEA board encourages you to share your experiences and look to these other areas and build relationships with other divisions serving learners at different levels . We all share the same goal of expanding and advancing quality art education for all students.

2017-18 IAEA Art Educators of the Year

Jerry Hendershot- IAEA Art Educator of the Year

Jennifer VanWasshenova-High School Art Educator of the Year

Sally Machlis- Distinguished Within the Profession

Sue Ringquist- Retired Art Educator

2011 Art Teacher of the Year Awards Winners!

2010 Art Teacher of the Year Awards Winners!

TOY presentation CDA 2016

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