Apply to work or reside in Fiji

Need assistance in applying for a permit to invest, work, study and reside in Fiji? or are you a former Fiji Citizen who is looking to apply for Fiji Citizenship? Immigration Consultants Fiji is here to help you in your journey!

Applying for a Fiji's visa or permit made easy. Are you a former Fiji citizen who have lost your citizenship prior to April 2009 and want to acquire a Fiji Citizenship? or require assistance in Fiji Immigration Law?

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Permits and Visa for Fiji

Apply for a permit to invest, work, study and reside in Fiji.

  • You can now apply for a work permit while in Fiji

  • 21 Days Visitors Business Visa


Travelling to Fiji to undertake business, investment, study, research, consultancy, or work related activities for up to 21 days in Fiji

Two streams of permits for work:

  1. Fiji Work Permit - Short Term (work in Fiji from 30 days to 1 year)

  2. Fiji Work Permit -Long term ( work in Fiji for up to 3 years)

Apply for an investor permit (up to 3 years) or Permanent Residence as an investor in Fiji under the Fiji Investment PR scheme

Reside in Fiji

  1. Assured Income Permit

  2. Special Permit for Yatchs

  3. Special Permit for Medical (up to 6 months)

Studying at an institute in Fiji

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