Sparks Matter: Finding Your SPARK

What Are SPARKS?

“SPARKS” is a metaphor that describes a key feature of young people’s motivation and thriving. Your SPARK refers to the intrinsic interests, talents, and passions that young people have that motivate them to learn, grow, and contribute.

Here is the research?

Young people who know and nurture their SPARK are more fully engaged in school and have other positive life outcomes.

Here is an example from a 2010 national study by Search Institute of 1,860 15 year olds.



The steps required to build a SPARK project in this class will be:

  1. Determine SPARK - week 1
  2. Ask questions or create action to focus research - week 1
  3. Familiarize yourself with Google docs - week 1
  4. How can we use Google Slides? week 2
  5. Inquire and research - weeks 2/3/4
  6. Decide how to share knowledge - weeks 3/4
  7. Assemble project weeks 3/4
  8. Self-assessment and Reflection week 5
  9. Presentation - week5