Nika Indorf (03. 09. 1987 Germany) currently works in Ibiza, after having finished her degree in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and having lived for 2 years in Holland Middelburg. She is open to many ways of seeing the world and is very active in discovering new fields of inspiration (bellypainting, decoration, maternity, etc.) to combine her interest in science with her artistic creations. Nika creates colourful worlds where one can feel the energy of the universe which she feels while being inspired by images of space or the study of physical laws.

The exhibited works are mostly round- a format that can more easily express the infinity of the expanding Universe. Her enthusiasm for empty space, electromagnetism, is also manifested in using a white background which seems to be the origin of all energy that makes that everything is as we perceive it.


2006-2011: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona (UB). Title: Bachelor of Fine Arts, specialized in Painting; several academic honour awards.

2006-2007: Real Estate Management course by the study centre Surge Diploma: Management of real estate and broker in the promotion of buildings.

2003-2005: High School of Art “ESCOLA D´ART”, San Jordi, Ibiza, Baleares. Title: Bachillerato de Artes (Spanish high school diploma)

Space as Colour, Colour as perspective

Nika Indorf

Nika Indorf is interested in the world around us, its effects on us and our way of perceiving reality. She tries to understand reality or the diverse realities that we are able to appreciate through her colours.


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