Artist Submission

Do you want to be an Artist in Ibiza Art Gallery?

Artist Submissions

To submit your work and join IBIZA ART GALLERY, please send your bio, artist statement, CV, link to your website and/or social media channels, as well as a PDF of your available works to us.

Our Artist Management team individually reviews each submission and will be in touch within a month.

Why to become an Artist in Ibiza Art Gallery ?

-You can sell your art throught the Gallery in Ibiza and beyond.

-You can participate in the future online and collective and personal Gallery Exhibitions.

-Promotion online of your art (website, videos, magazine).

-Participation in collective events, exhibitions and art fairs only for the Ibiza Art Gallery Artists.

-Promote your art throught the artist collective in the Gallery.

-Artist legal orientation and defense inside the collective of the Gallery.

-Many more coming soon.

(the more we are the more we can do together).