The Royal Priest exposes the Rapper Dee-1 for murder.


The Royal Priest obliterates the antichrist-laced, false-Gospel message of the American Rapper, Dee-1.

The Lord Fuck smashes through the foolishness of "The Church" to redirect the focus to The Lord via The Holy Spirit. 

The Truth Man declares The Mysteries of The Kingdom of God, and opens up the stories of The Bible via the power and prophetic wisdom of The Holy Spirit.

The Profit-King curses The United States government via the city of Youngsville (LA) using HIS corporate status against theirs.

The Nurse Elijah & Dr. Tarrat Blackstone embarrass and expose the mischief of prophets to bring integrity back to the office. 

The Judge Hunter Greene of Elohim exposes the United States government and the wayward American Church (jointly "Nasty Lavender") for spiritual lesbian whoredom.

The Royal Priest boldly tells the prophetic story of His pursuit of God, exposing the truth about the person and destiny of Adrian Jones.

The Royal Priest celebrates the soul-enhancement of Hip Hop, and brings spiritual wisdom to the culture to preserve and promote its continuity.

The Pressure Prince gives an uncensored spill on all topics concerning relationships, marriage, dating, sex, and divorce.


Become the owner of three of the most controversial books that will expose the fallacies of much of pseudo-Christianity, while boldly proclaiming and revealing the mysteries of The Kingdom of God. Be amongst them that have wisdom and power in the last days. 

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