About Me


I'd like to make fun games, create interactive technology, and dedicate my life to the smile and the happiness of everyone.

Shipped Games


Super Happy Fun Fun. (Merge Interactive)

  • Lucky Duck Slots (2014) [iOS] [android]
  • Bass Pro Shops: The Strike Pro Angler (2014) [iOS]
  • The Walking Dead 2 Plug and Play Video Game (2014) [link]
  • Big Buck Hunter Pro Tournament Edition – (mobile)(2013) [iOS] [android]
  • Duck Commander Plug and Play Video Game – (2013) [link]
  • Field & Stream Fishing – (win 8)(2013) [windows app store]


(2015/02 ~ Current) Engineer, PlayStudios, Austin TX.

myVEGAS franchise (myVEGAS Slots, KONAMI Slots, Blackjack)

  • Technology: .Net, RESTful, Unity3D, C#, Python.
  • Implement and maintain meta game features and related API on game server. (e.g. Mega Lucky Machine, Daily Bonus, Promo System, Quests, Segmentation).

myVEGAS Slots

  • Implement and maintain meta-game features on front-end, including: quests, promotions, and video ads.

(2012/03 ~ 2015/01) Software Engineer, Super Happy Fun Fun, Austin TX.

Lucky Duck Slots (2014/10)

  • Technology: Unity3D, C#, Python.
  • Work with server team to implement client side slot game’s math model, game logic and skin.
  • Implement in-game ads flow. Integrate network ads plug-in.
  • Constantly update post-release: game menus, gameplay based on user feedback.

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike Pro Angler (2014/05)

  • Technology: iOS/Objective-C.
  • Constantly update post-release: (Update menu xib files to make the game has new looking. Implement promotion system. Constantly do bug fix based on user feedback.)

The Walking Dead 2 - Plug and Play TV Game(2014/04)

  • Technology: C/C++/Python/In-house game engine.
  • Use in-house plug and play game engine to develop "pump and shoot" action game with story telling and multiple levels to explore.
  • Implement zombie AI: [Game AI] Zombies are able to walking, idle, and attack. Some have the ability to transform to more powerful state or crawl over player's face.
  • Implement: [Game UI] HUD, interactive level select map with level/weapon unlock system, loadout menu able to select weapon and powerups.
  • Implement: [Game Play] Weapon system, Item pickup system, Game saving/loading, Horde Mode, mode 7 tiling grounds, [Audio] Audio (track looping, random SFX) system.

Big Buck Hunter Pro Tournament Edition (2013/10)

  • Technology: Unity3D, C#, Python.
  • Prototype combo system, different score calculation scheme, infinite mini game.
  • Implement: [Game Play] achievement unlock, achievement tracking system, tutorial system and on-boarding sequence.
  • Implement: [Game UI] Game Menus e.g. Hunt Report, Summary Screen, Item unlock sequence, Achievement unlock sequence.
  • Constantly update post-release.

Duck Commander Plug and Play Video Game (2013/09)

  • Technology: C/C++/Python/In-house game engine.
  • Use in-house plug and play game engine to develop Duck Commander themed arcade style mini games.
  • Implement: [Game AI] Frog AI and hopping physics to complete a Frog themed mini game.
  • Implement: [Game Play] score, combo, count down timer, and leaderboards system, [Audio] ambient sounds and SFX system.

Field & Stream Fishing (win 8)(2013/07)

  • Technology: Unity3D, C#, Python.
  • Develop interactive game menus, e.g. scrollable main menu, swappable level select menu with level progress info, leaderboard screen, lure select screen with animated lure anim, exciting fish weighin report, and fishing journal with quest and progress.
  • Develop: localization system, different lure power-up effects (ricochet, target magnet, ...).
  • Windows 8 specific features: Snap/Fill/Full views switch, App Bar/Charm Bar, and Cloud Save.


  • M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University, 2011.
  • B.S. in Computer Science, NCCU CS (National Cheng-chi University, Taiwan), 2007.
  • Cheng-gong High School, Taipei.


  • Visualizing Time-varying Twitter Data by Circular Word Clouds, Master of Science, Ohio State University, Computer Science and Engineering, 2011. (Master Thesis Link) (Author Copy)
  • K.-C. Lee and M.-K. Shan, 2009. 11, "Discovering Political Tendency in Bulletin Board Discussions by Social Community Analysis," in Fourth IEEE International Conference on Digital Information Management, Michigan USA. (Author Copy)
  • C.-D. Lee, C.-Y. Chang, T.-Y. Li, H.-H. Fu, T.-H. Jen, and K.-C. Lee, 2009.11, "Exploring Effect of Rater on Prediction Error in Automatic Text Grading for Open-ended Question," in Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Computers in Education, Hong Kong.

Experiences & Awards when I was at school

(2011/06 ~ 2011/12) Graduate Research Associate, The Ohio State University, USA.

(2008/10 ~ 2009/07) Research Assistant, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei.

(2007/07 ~ 2008/07) Corporal, Speciality : Information Data Management, Taiwan Army.

(2007/02 ~ 2007/06) Editor of the class pages of 67th Graduation Yearbook, NCCU.

(2005/07 ~ 2007/06) System Administrator, Mao-Kong Bulletin Board System.

(2006/02 Semester1) Dean's List.

(2005/07 ~ 2005/09) System administrator of Military Education Office, NCCU.

(2004/09 ~ 2005/02) Assistant in Division of Art, Student Accociation of NCCU CS.

More about me

Interests so far

  • Watch video games related streaming.
  • TV Series in USA & Japan.
  • TV Games especially ACT, ARPG, RPG, SPG.
  • Novel with extraordinary/meaningful story.
  • Unknown Stuff, Outer Space, UFO & ET.
  • Sport, basketball & jog.
  • Beautiful Stuff in the world, Scenery & ART work.
  • New Technology & IT Products.
  • Music.
  • Travel.

Favorite things so far...

  • TV Series : (Was my favorites?) Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, House.
  • TV Games: Super Mario Series, The Legend of Zelda, Yakuza series.
  • Movies : 007 Series.
  • Drinks : Tea & Coffee.
  • Toy : LEGO.
  • Color : Blue.