Hi. Welcome!

I'm Kang-Che Lee from Taiwan, making games as a senior engineer at PlayStudios, Austin TX.

Currently, I'm developing game server features for myVEGAS franchise. I've also worked on client side game development using Unity, or in-house engine using C/Objective-C/Python for some Hunting/Fishing/Zombie games.

I found I had great interests in computer animation, graphics and visualization when I studied at Ohio State University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. I also did some research on Visualizing Twitter data with word cloud, Data Mining on finding political tendency in Bulletin Board Discussions, and using Machine Learning to do auto grading on open ended question.

Also find me on: Linkedin. GitHub. Twitter.

As a computer scientist, my objective is to use computer technology to let the world better. Now, I'm contributing to Entertainment Technology such as Games, interactive applications, and Animations to bring much more fun to the world.

I still remember seeing my first Disney film in theaters and the incredible whimsy and wonder of their opening production logo. It begins with a single cloud over a starry night, then swoops down to show the majestic castle and mesmerizing fireworks that reflect off the placid water below. All my life I have been deeply touched by such animated displays, but even greater is the satisfaction from having others entertained to such an extent by works of my creation.

I'm very happy having job (Game Developer!) that can add flare to people’s lives and help them recharge and prepare to face future challenges after a hard day of work or study. I also consider such a job to be edutainment that will cause a positive influence on society and let it develop in a more peaceful and bright way. In essence, I would like to dedicate my life to the smile and the happiness of human beings.