Intelligent and Interactive Services (IAIS)

Invited Session on the

12th International KES Conference IIMSS-19

Deadline: 11 January 2019

Digitization profoundly changes our society and economy and thus the way we live, work, learn, communicate, and collaborate. One important trait of digitization is the spreading of intelligent and interactive services enables new business models and processes.

We are delighted to invite contributions to the Invited Session Intelligent and Interactive Services - within the 12th International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia: Systems and Services, which is co-located under the KES Smart Digital Futures 2019 umbrella.

The session - Intelligent and Interactive Services - covers fundamental and practical aspects for enabling intelligent digital products, services and processes as well as for supporting the digital transformation.

We invite paper contributions for following categories of IAIS:

  1. Information Delivery and Visualization: Facts, events, data, metadata, responsibilities, parties, etc. about real or digital entities are presented such as product information, order status etc.
  2. Selection and Interaction: Alternatives and interaction options are provided for users.
  3. Recommendation: Based on information on the user or comparable users and situations recommendations for products and services are made
  4. Advice and Learning Support: Information is provided to support users in achieving a certain aim or to solve a certain problem as well as to learn and understand a new aspect based on current experiences and solved cases.
  5. Communication, Collaboration, and Decision Support: New forms of collaboration and decision making is supported by IAIS

Our aim is to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to discuss both technological and business aspects of intelligent and interactive services. We want to develop a deep look into the architecture and management mechanisms in the context of technologies, platforms, services, and applications.