2 step Verification

Choosing the strongest password won’t help you to keep your account safe. The best option is to activate the two step verification process. this allows the users to enter the password and as well as the code that Microsoft sends to your desired mobile number. The process is long but much strict as well.

Now a days, one single Hotmail account can access all it’s service/product provided. For example, if someone knows your Outlook login password, they can access your One drive, Skype, XBox, Office 365 and all the service that you use. So, it is your duty to activate the two step verification process in outlook for the better security that to cry for help in Hotmail customer care.

Activate Two Step Verification

Before moving in to the activation part, let us go through what is two step verification and how does it works?

As the topic states, two steps verification is the process of accessing your Outlook Account via entering your password and as well as the code at the same time.

And how does this works?

As soon as you activate this process, to login to your account you need to enter your email and password and also the code that Microsoft text your phone as soon as you enter your password and click “Sign in“. Enter the code and only you can access your account.

now, how to activate this beast?

  • Follow this link to get to your security setting page.

  • From this page, click on “Setup two step verification“. Scroll down a bit. Click on “more option” if the option is not visible.

  • Now choose the method for verification process. In other words, how do you wish to get your code? Options are App, alternative email address, mobile number. Choose Mobile for the best performance.

  • Enter your number. But if you choose alternate email address, enter that.

  • Choose wheather you like to get the code via text or call.

  • Now, you need to verify your mobile number for the future verification process.

  • Verification process is complete.

Once you activate the two step verification, as said earlier, you need to enter the code every time you login to your account. This may be a hectic sometimes. Therefore, to get away with that, you can add your device to the list of trusted devices by checking “Don’t ask me again on this device“.

What this does is, it you won’t need to enter the code while logging in to your account via that device. but if you are accessing it with other devices, code is a must.