Create Hotmail Account sign up & login : is one of the first web email services on the internet that was popular in the past years, along with the RocketMail or Yahoo Mail. The Hotmail later rebranded as, which is now the official name of Microsoft’s email service given by Microsoft in 2013. It was formerly also known as Windows Live Hotmail. It was launched to the market on 4th July 1996. Windows Hotmail had the capability to access the user’s inbox from anywhere in the World. The original writing of the Hotmail was like “Hotmail”, which was named as the markup language (HTML) used to create these web pages.

The free storage capacity of Hotmail was 2 MB. Hotmail was recorded to have 8.5 million users and subscribers around the globe. Hotmail initially ran by Solaris for mail and Apache on FreeBSD web services, and then by the time, it has been a part of Microsoft products in the year 1997.

About Hotmail, How Hotmail Changed to Outlook

Hotmail was an online email service that was free. This was started by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in the year 1995. Later, Microsoft acquired it in December 1997. As per the study, Hotmail had over 100 million users all over the World by 2001. It becomes one of the most popular web email services at that time. Hotmail allowed users to send and view email using the internet.

In 2013, Microsoft announced to rebrand it again with the It moved away from the Hotmail brand and named as Even if, Hotmail brand doesn’t exist, but all the old email addresses remain the same with the online interface of the new Outlook.

Hotmail Features

Hotmail had offered many features, and in recent times Microsoft has also added some new features that are given below,

  1. Real-Time Collaboration of Document

If there is more than one user is working on the same document sheet, at the same time, then it is possible with new features of Hotmail. Click on the respective file, place it on the Skydrive of the sender of the document, to view it online. While changes are taking place by several users in the file, at the bottom right corner, it will show the number of persons editing the file.

  1. Security

Now, HTTPS is available in Hotmail for the entire session that adds security level. The security feature used for logging in, sending, receiving, or browsing emails.

  1. View, Edit and Share Office Docs

Microsoft facilitates the user to access free Microsoft office web apps to view, edit, and share office documents without downloading it. The user can email any Microsoft office document to itself and can open this document anytime, anywhere, as the document is present in the cloud. After saving the changes made in the file, it automatically gets saved on Skydrive.

  1. Send Huge Files

The new features of Hotmail with Skydrive able to send 10 GB files in a single mail. As the Skydrive service offers 25 GB of free space to the user. The recipient will only receive the URL of that large file after clicking on the link the file gets downloaded.

  1. One-Click Filter

one click filter options have been introduced with the new version of Hotmail that allows the user to filter emails easily with social updates, emails from groups, or regular contacts.

  1. Quick Views

If the user wants to check a specific kind of email. Then the user can quickly filter those emails by clicking on the link given on the left side.

  1. IM And Text Messaging from Inbox

The user can chat with other contacts using the Hotmail interface and can see them at the left pane. It also notifies the user regarding the status of the other contact that either they are busy, free, or inactive.

Guide to Create Account / Hotmail Sign Up & Login

Complete Guide for Hotmail Account Sign up

  1. First of all, open the browser and enter After the website is the open user will find two options:

  • Hotmail login.

  • Create a free account / Create a Microsoft account

  1. Choose “Create a free account” to start your Outlook / Hotmail sign up process.

  2. Then the Microsoft will let the user choose the suffix for your email address. The user has to choose between @Hotmail.comand

  3. After choosing the suffix, the user must choose an email address of their own choices, such as or

  4. Here is the most important step for the entire Sign up process. Choose a strong password to sign up successfully. The password must follow the criteria set by Microsoft; otherwise, the process will not complete.

  5. Now, click Next after entering the password.

  6. The identity page will appear, and the user requires to put the first name and last name. Then click Next.

  7. This page requires all the additional information such as country name (choose from the list of countries provided and click on it), enter the birth date. Then click Next.

  8. Enter the CAPTCHA code in the given space below.

  9. Now, the Microsoft account has been created.

  10. Now, the user requires to personalize the Outlook or Hotmail account.

  11. For personalization, users can set up the relevant language and time zone. Then click Next

  12. Now, the user can choose the theme for the profile. Then click Next.

  13. Here, the user only able to enable or disable the signature for the mailing account.

Guide for Hotmail Login Process login, the user must follow the suggested steps.

  • Open the browser and search for

  • Click Sign in from the middle of the page.

  • Enter the Hotmail email address. Click Next

  • Enter the password in the blank text box.

  • Click Sign in.

Conclusion is definitely a great webmail service provided by Microsoft Inc. the developed features of Hotmail have increased its number of subscribers around the globe. Hence, the detail information is provided step by step on how to create a Hotmail account, how to log in, and what more new features Hotmail introduced.