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Hotmail is still valid, and although Microsoft changed the name of Hotmail Outlook in 2013, the fact is that it is still possible to log on to Hotmail through the new website. In this way, users who have old accounts with the address, and the new accounts @, will be able to enter their mail through the new, for this, simply enter the access data such as email address and password.

Outlook email - formerly called Hotmail and which also went by the name MSN Hotmail is one of the leading email services, second only to Gmail. The service is part of Microsoft's products, therefore having an Outlook / Hotmail account simultaneously provides access to various services offered by the company that is also behind Windows.

Creating an account in Outlook or Hotmail is a fairly simple task, in which you will simply need your personal data, a secure password and a telephone number (or secondary email) as a means of account recovery. Here in this detailed article about Hotmail, we will show you step by step what you should do to create an email address:


There is no doubt that the main means of access to Outlook mail (Hotmail) is the one that works through the web, accessing or . This method is adapted to mobile phones and computers, therefore you can follow all the email creation procedures both from your smartphone with Android, iOS or any other operating system, as well as from computers with Windows, Linux or MacOS from the browser that you prefer. Let's go for it!

  • Access the official page : email registration by clicking on the following link: ⦁

  • Select Account Name: with the email address of your choice. You can choose between @, @, @; however, note that the address must not currently be taken by another user.
    In the case of choosing an email address that is already taken by another user, when you press the "Next" button, the Outlook page will recommend that you choose another username or another address (change the email in that case).

  • Assign a password: it must be secure enough to prevent access by hackers/crackers. Make sure you choose a password that is hard to guess! If possible, use letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase, and even symbols.

If you have a hard time remembering different passwords for each selected user, you can use a password manager. These managers are applications installed on your computer, where all passwords for everything you use on the internet will be saved on a special page, that way, it is only necessary to remember the password of the manager.

  • Enter your first and last name: then press "Next".

  • Fill in your date of birth.

  • Verify the captcha: finally, you must verify that you are a real person by entering the characters you see in the image.

  • It can happen that the characters are very difficult to understand, no problem! You can click on the "New" button to generate another image, or press the "Sound" button to hear the sound. This is a method of preventing automatic account creation by bots for spamming. Now, press the "Next" button.

  • Great! Your Hotmail account has been created and you will be taken to your Outlook inbox,

How to Login Hotmail?

You can log into Hotmail email service either from your web browser as well as from your mobile or computer. You can also log into Hotmail / using the application available for Android and iOS. Next, in World Accounts we will help you step by step to access your Hotmail email inbox or the new

The web platform from the browser is the most used way to login to Hotmail or Outlook email, you can do it from the computer or PC browser as well as from the mobile or cell phone browser. These are the steps to follow:

  • Login to and press the " Login" button located at the top. You can also directly access the login page from direct link or through the old site

  • Fill in the field “Email, phone or Skype name” and then click on “Next”;.

  • Enter the password to access your account and then press the "Blue Login " button.

  • If you have entered all the data correctly, you will be taken directly to your email inbox.

If you prefer when using Hotmail to enter directly, select the option “Keep Me Connected” before finalizing your login, this way, when accessing Hotmail from a trusted computer, it is not necessary to fill in the login and password again, the data will always be saved.

It is always important to remember that when accessing e-mail from any computer that is not trusted, such as public computers, try to disable this function, that way you are free from intrusions in your account and possible hackers of personal information, important data, and passwords.

Access Hotmail Inbox

To go directly to your Outlook or Hotmail email inbox, just log in to the service; After that, you will be taken directly to the list of emails received, a sector also known as "inbox" or inbox.

  • Login to to log into your Outlook or Hotmail account.

  • Enter your email address and press the " Next " button.

  • Enter your password and press the " Login " button.

  • Then you will be taken directly to the inbox of your Outlook email.

If you have logged into your account and have not been directed to that sector, you can open the inbox directly from or by pressing " Inbox " in the left sector. Below the inbox tab you will also find some other buttons too, below we would be describing them briefly:

Junk Mail - Hotmail has a great algorithm to detect SPAM messages. There will stop all unwanted messages, advertisements that you have not signed and even viruses. If an unknown email sends you an important message, it may end up in the junk mail. When you don't find what you need in your inbox, check it out. After staying in the outbox for a few days the email is automatically deleted. This makes you only visualize what interests you.

Drafts - If you start writing a message, but leave the email without sending it, it is saved in the drafts. You can edit it, delete it or send it to your contacts anytime you want.

Sent Items - All the emails you sent to your contacts are there. You can consult them anytime you want. You can also clear them and permanently delete your sent items, but they will not be deleted in the recipients' inbox.

Deleted Items - All emails you delete will end up in that folder beforehand. If you delete any by mistake, you can restore or even delete them permanently.

Login Hotmail with Hotmail mobile application (Hotmail) has a mobile application that you can install on your device, be it Android or iOS. Here are the steps to log in from the official Outlook application.

  • Download the application from the corresponding store.
    Android app
    iOS app

  • Once installed, access it and press the " Introduction " button.

  • In the " Add account " section, enter the Outlook email address that you have registered, then press "Continue". This application also supports email from other providers like Yahoo or Gmail.

  • Enter the password for your email account, then press "Sign in."

  • If you don't want to add another account, press "Skip".

  • Voila! You will see your Outlook inbox from the application.

After adding your Outlook or Hotmail account to the official application, it is recommended that you activate the notifications to be aware of all the emails that arrive in your inbox. It is also possible to open your email directly from the mobile browser, by entering the address in your preferred browser.

Benefits of Hotmail application

  • Free and free access to all Microsoft tools

  • Windows navigation facilities

  • Simple backup with Windows Phone

  • Possibility to speak with friends and family directly by email on the cell phone

  • Can access even offline, read and type texts

  • There is another 15GB of data upload available through Onedrive.

  • Your messages are notified via your cell phone if you enter something new in the entry box

  • Access to the Outlook calendar to organize your contacts and to-do list

  • Chat to chat with other users without having to connect to another tool

  • Automatic connection through your inbox with social media

  • A new message can be viewed even if there is no connection to mobile data or wifi as it is updated on the cell phone

  • If you want to store things on your OneDrive but you have no internet at the moment just add it and the moment you have a connection the download will be complete without having to repeat the operation

  • It allows easy communication directly from your account or just by entering directly, without delay.

Access Hotmail with third-party mail provider

If you want your Outlook e-mail account on a third-party client developer, such as Thunderbird o Apple Mail? In this case, if you have difficulty signing in, try to configure the mailbox "manually", using the following IMAP parameters.

  • Server Name:

  • IMAP Port: 993

  • IMAP Encryption Method: TLS

  • Server Name:

  • Animal: 587

  • Encryption Method: STARTTLS

For more information, visit the Microsoft website.

Hotmail Login Issues

There may be problems when logging in, but don't worry, this is very normal. Generally, if you do not remember your password or your email address, there is a way to regain access to it as long as you have assigned recovery information when creating your account. We will quote you the most common problems:

FORGOT PASSWORD OR EMAIL : It is possible that when you try to access your inbox you will see the wrong password error, which makes it impossible for you to access your account. Reset your password by accessing the link , you will need active recovery information in your account.

FORGET EVERYTHING : If you have forgotten everything and can no longer open your account, you can contact Microsoft through the following link:

YOU CAN'T GET THE SECURITY CODE : If you don't have any way to verify your identity, go to reset password, enter your email address and then click on the link "I do not have any of these tests". Then follow the steps to recover your account

ACCOUNT LOCKED WITH 30-DAY PERIOD: If Microsoft has detected that your account was compromised, it will probably ask you to change the security and recovery information of the account, after which a security period of 30 days must pass before you can log in. again. This is an extreme case but it can happen.

PROFILE BLOCKED: Outlook blocks accounts that have violated its usage guidelines or have been compromised. To regain access, you must follow the verification steps by SMS.

WHILE TRAVELING OR LOGGING IN ON ANOTHER DEVICE: Outlook may detect suspicious login activity if you try to log in from a different device or from a different location; In order to log in under these conditions, you must verify your identity using the recovery SMS or email method.

Hotmail Security Advices

Many account thefts are generally caused by carelessness when logging into the Outlook service or any other service that requires entering a password. That is why we will give you some tips so that the login to your account is as secure as possible, avoiding the loss of your account and that it ends up in the hands of malicious people.

  • Check that the address of the page where you enter your data is the official one: Microsoft's email service can only be accessed through these official addresses:,,,,, and also with the subdomain login, account or mail. Make sure the address in the browser is one of them, if you see something weird like 1-, stop! It may be a possible phishing attempt.

  • Keep your antivirus active and updated. Antivirus and antimalware are extremely important to detect malicious programs that collect sensitive information such as passwords, keep them up to date!

  • If it is not your computer, please close the session when finished. Don't make the mistake of leaving your session active on devices that don't belong to you, other people could check your email!

  • Update your password regularly; For help with that, check out our article on how to change your Hotmail password.

Enjoy the service that Microsoft provides for free without any inconvenience by following the advice we have just given you. With them, your account will be totally safe and you will not have any inconvenience.

Benefits of Creating a Hotmail account.

When making the decision to create an email account, you may wonder what are the benefits that each of the alternatives can offer you like yahoo, aol, google etc. Just as Google offers some additional benefits when creating a Gmail account, Outlook also has its own with some benefits that we can cite below:

  • Access to the Microsoft online office suite, you will be able to edit your documents just as you would with desktop programs (Excel, PowerPoint, Word and others).

  • Powerful calendar that can be integrated with Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo and other accounts.

  • Application availability: Outlook has its own application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which will allow you to access your inbox more easily.

  • Easier to access a Skype account, what's more, you can log into Skype with your new Hotmail or Hotmail email!

  • 15GB of free storage on OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage.

  • Access to Windows Store: if you have Windows 10 or Windows Phone, you can download programs by logging in with your new Outlook email account.

  • Xbox account: having an Outlook account means having an Xbox account, good news if you have this video game console!

Now that we already tell you the most remarkable thing about having an Outlook / Hotmail account, it is time for you to explore on your own everything that Microsoft has to offer ^_^


Remember to create your own account. Fill out your registration in the correct way to be done, login as soon as possible and download the applications available for mobile devices.

This extraordinary guide was made for people who are not familiar with e-mail services, but it is available to people at all stages of knowledge. If you have any questions about how to sign in to Hotmail, feel free to leave a comment. Did you notice any changes, or just want to talk about it, feel free to leave a comment on this page.