IBEDS Project selected as Winner of Jury's Choice under Open Category in JomLaunch 2021 - programming and coding conference
held in October 2021

IBEDS: Integrated Bd Entry & Database System

Formulated Excel Spreadsheet,

Automatically Updating Bed Statuses & Autogenerating Statistics with the Input Into One Masterlist

For Bilik Gerakan COVID-19 Quarantine Centres and Wards

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The Quick Bed Management System Solution You Need Now

Automatically output bed status, census by inputting into ONE masterlist only.


Using Excel spreadsheet. Just input data. Anyone can use.

Automated bed statuses

Data automatically updated from Masterlist customized to your centre.

Autogenerate STATISTICS

Data automatically updated from your Masterlist. No more untallied data.

Customize according to your centre

Whether your centre is a hall, wards, blocks or levels, you can customize according to your centre.

Instant NUMBERS OF Bed Availability

All data cells formulated to produce instant numbers.

Safe, private

Files are in local environment, preventing breach in data.

HOW Can I Get It?


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Custom & More

Customized bed map and statistics, lists, user training and technical support.



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Contact [mizanventures2020@gmail.com] or WhatsApp [017.444.9627]

Disclaimer: Mizanventures is not and will not be liable for any loss, altered or breach in patient's data. Parties who download the file will be solely responsible for their own data management.