Hereford Zone Robotics  929 and 9290

Congrats to IQ team 929B - 2024 State Champions! 
See you at Worlds!!!

2024 HZR Summer Camp
since 2011
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We are
Hereford High School    
VEX VRC  929 

 Hereford Middle School 
VEX VRC 9290   
VEX IQ   929

 Sparks Elementary School
VEX IQ 9290

Thank You to our 2023 Worlds Teams Sponsors!!!


My Neighbors Foundation



Looking ahead -

SCHEDULE updated - 11/15/2022

Team Rosters updated  9/27/22


Grade 6-7 meeting every Thurday, 2 to 3:30 in room E7

Grade 8 meeting every Thursday 2 to 4 in room E7 and E12


​Hereford High School  meetings- 

check details at Mr. Doddo's emails 

Check out the 3 minute videos above -
We qualified 11 teams to Worlds in 2023.  Go Bulls!

All that said above, robotics is just the means to teaching Engineering and Life skills of patience, perseverance, teamwork, integrity and more. 
We are proud of our student centered program at our schools.