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Simple Fuel through PDC Machines, with a tagline “We Perform under Pressure,” works with an experienced team that includes innovators of technology. This is made up of Ivys energy solutions, PDC Machines, and McPhy North America that comprise the SimpleFuel. This is developed through safe, cost effective, and trust worthy fueling solution that are bound to make the hydrogen fuel, and even fuel cell vehicles to come in reach of most customers, small businesses, community centers, and other automotive demands that are of the same locations. The same is also true with the industrial sectors.

This company is considered to be one of the most dependable hydrogen fueling stations manufacturer out there. It has been that way ever since its establishment. It is capable of designing an on-site small-scale hydrogen generation, and dispensing a home-fleet refueling appliance which can deliver 5 kg of hydrogen to vehicles on a daily basis. Its pressure may be up to 700 bar or 10,000 psi when converted. Basically, a 5 kg of hydrogen fuel is enough so that a fuel cell electric vehicle may be filled. This may deal handle those that are to work for 300 to 360 miles.

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One of the main features of Simple Fuel is its Diaphragm Compressors. This on the other hand goes with its own attributes too. This is an important part of a hydrogen fueling station for a reason. That is for sure. Most of these PDC Machines are bound to fulfill the specifications of most customers out there. They are instrumented through oil free reciprocating compression systems. They are based on what will be given by the clients. The compressors here may start from 3 hp (2 kW) to that of 250 hp (186 kW). As for the discharge pressure, it may range from 50 psi and may even reach as high as 60,000 psi (4,100 bar).

One of the goals of this group is to be one of the best fuel cell filling stations that may be utilized by every type of industry out there. These PDC Machines’ compressors are of high purity. They are rare. They are meant for ethylene, argon, helium, fluorine, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, neon, TFE, nitrogen, and xenon.

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The advantages of maximizing a reputable fuel cell filling station is that it enables users to have a compressor which is of high product purity. This becomes possible since it is a contamination-free compression. The triple diaphragm construction enables this. The elastomeric seals also isolate the process gas which comes from the hydraulic oil. This is when the quality of the gas enters and exists the compressor all at the same time.

Since the establishment of Simple Fuel, it served as a reliable source for simplefuel hydrogen fueling system which was able to work with various clients who are known for being the most reliable gas producers out there. They are the best when it comes to petrochemical and chemical companies which are found all over the world. Among their clients are Air Liquide, 3M, Airgas, British Oxygen Col/Linde, Air Products and Chemicals, China Petroleum Corp, Bristol Myers Squibb, ChevronTexaco, Emirates Industrial Gases and a lot more.

Its compressor high pressure makes it even more possible to give off superior diaphragm life to its offering. This is true to all the aspects of the design of the diaphragm compressor. This intends to improve operability, enhance component life, and even reduce maintenance so that it is simplified to the fullest. The stress in the diaphragms are typically controlled because of the way the cavity contours. They are also manipulated through a uniform distribution which makes it work accordingly. The contours are popular for being computer engineered. This has become possible through the utilization of the Finite Element Analysis techniques. These are the aftermath of the state-of-the-art design which are considered to be a manufacturing process involved in enhancing fatigue life later on.

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One of the best features is that it also comes with an extended diaphragm life. There are many clients out there who can attest to the fact that they have experienced continuous running times of almost 10,000. This may reach a maximum of 40,000 hours which may be between the routine maintenance that normally minimizes the need to secure spare parts for replacement.

The company is also capable of giving of a product which is of low maintenance. The only necessary things to do are the changes in the oil routine. As for the distribution system of the oil, it is unique by nature. This is made possible because of the hydraulic system devised to assure that there is a diaphragm deflection, vibration, prevent knocks, cavitation, and yield smooth, and quiet compressor operation. The techniques are also typically employed so that gradients and differentials are eliminated. The system is capable of utilizing a pump which is smooth to use.

Until now, the company is committed to providing the best product for its clients.