Event Details


All times given in EDT!

Day 0 Tuesday, 5/17/2022

9 - 10 AM Virtual poster meetup session 1

8 - 9 PM Virtual poster meetup session 2

Day 1 Wednesday, 5/18/2022

7:30 Morning walk (Optional)

8:00 Sign in, breakfast

8:30 Day 1's opening

9:00 Plenary Session 1: The future of data-driven modeling (Host: Grey Nearing, Hoshin Gupta, Farshid Rahmani)

10:30 Coffee Break (15 min)

10:45 Panel discussion (25 min)

11:10 Lightning talks (5 min each)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Concurrent breakout sessions B1, B2, B3

B1: ML for flood and flood inundation modeling (Host: Xiaofeng Liu, Farshid Rahmani).

B2: Climate change impacts and future trends (Host: Dapeng Feng, Alison Appling, Yeonjoo Kim). Scribe: Tadd Bindas

B3: Land surface processes & ecohydrology (Host: Grey Nearing, Praveen Kumar, Luisa Feliciano, Zhi Wei)

15:00 Activities (soccer tournament, ping pong tournament, group games)

In case of rain, soccer would be turned into other social events + virtual poster session

17:00 Dinner (seated. buffet)

19:00 Concurrently: ML Tutorial 1. Breakout B4. Poster session

ML Tutorial 1: Regression and Convolutional Networks (Chaopeng Shen, Savinay Nagendra)

B4: Unanswered questions in hydrology to be answered by ML (Host: Tirthankar Roy, Dipankar Dwivedi, Hoshin Gupta, Tadd Bindas)

Day 2 Thursday, 5/19/2022

7:30 Morning walk (Optional)

8:00 Breakfast

8:30 Day 2 Invited Talk (25 min. 5 min Q&A)

9:00 Plenary Session 2: hybrid physics-ML modeling (Hosts: Dipankar Dwivedi, Chaopeng Shen)

10:40 Coffee Break (15 min)

10:55 Panel discussion (25 min)

11:20 Lightning talks (5 min each)

12:35 Lunch

13:15 Concurrent breakout sessions B5, B6, B7

B5: Water quality modeling in data-driven hydrology (Host: Zhi Wei, Yeonjoo Kim, Cibin Raj)

B6: How can extremes be predicted with lead time? (Host: Dipankar Dwivedi, Jared Williams, Tirthankar Roy, Yalan Song)

B7: Differentiable hydrology -- the next phase of connecting physics with ML to gain knowledge (Host: Chaopeng Shen, Dapeng Feng, Alison Appling)

15:15 In-person Poster session

17:00 Group photo

17:15 Dinner (buffet)

19:00 Concurrent: ML Tutorial 2. Breakout B8. Posters

ML Tutorial 2: Time Sequential Modeling (Chaopeng Shen, Jiangtao Liu, Dapeng Feng)

B8: Subsurface hydrology (Host: Xingyuan Chen, Xiaofeng Liu, Yalan Song).

Day 3 Friday, 5/20/2022

7:30 Morning walk (Optional)

8:00 Breakfast

8:30 Day 3's opening: plenary

9:00 Session 3: Host's corner: ML as the consumer and producer of data (Alison Appling, Scott Hamshaw, Jared Smith, Jiangtao Liu)

10:50 Coffee Break (10 min)

11:00 Panel discussion (15 min)

11:20 Lightning talks (5 min each)

12:05 Closing logistics.

12:25 Lunch

13:00 Virtual poster session

15:00 Adjourned, time to recreate (soccer, arboretum walk, PSU creamery, ping pong in Sackett, cards/games available)