Hydrating the Body

Did you know that 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration and 9 out of 10 probably don't even know it until they end up in the hospital.

65% of our bodies are composed of water

75% in muscles

85 % in our brains

How can you focus or concentrate if your body is dehydrated?Then you wonder why your brain is not functioning properly.

Let me tell you why.

Water is needed to transport food, carbohydrates and protein in the bloodstream and transport waste material out of the body. When you're dehydrated the body cannot transport these necessary nutrients through the body.

  • Alkaline water is key to proper digestion, hydration and balance. When dehydrated the body becomes acidic.

Remember, an acidic body is a toxic body and the only way to a healthy body is a pH balanced body!

Allow me to show you how to properly hydrate and cleanse the body naturally.

During this free webinar, I will be giving you an outline of my upcoming 12 month course on hydration, detoxing, cleansing and balancing the body.

12 Month course will be on Knowing the symptoms of dehydration, properly hydrating, detoxing, cleansing and balancing the body.

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