Quality Hybrid Bicycles

What are Hybrid Bikes?

Roughly a century ago it would have been unheard of for cyclists to use anything other than what are now called vintage bikes. Back then, those styles were the norm and could be seen far and wide, from the countryside to the more urban regions of Australia. These days however, one particular bike has seen a rapid increase in its popularity and it’s known as a hybrid – an advanced style capable of bringing a variety of features and functions to the table.

What are hybrid bikes?

In most cases a hybrid is something that combines two or more options to allow for a wider range of uses, or an improved level of functionality. These types of bicycles in specific often incorporate two specific benefits; the first of which is off-road functionality and the second features road-worthy functions.

Generally speaking they can take on the appearance of any bike style, but they generally look a little more vintage-like than a regular mountain bike. So, what you really have is a bicycle that takes on the appearance and comfort of a bike that might commonly be used to commute to work, whilst offering a range of built-in features that make the cycle ideal for off-roading and a range of terrain types in general.

Although they might resemble vintage or regular bikes (depending on the brand and manufacturer), they often incorporate wheels that feature thicker tread, making them suitable to use for mud and dirt, and a stronger braking system to ensure that the rider’s safety is prioritised. Some common hybrids include touring/ mountain bike crosses, while others take on the appearance of road bikes that feature racing functionality.

The purpose of a hybrid is to offer more than one option of cycling to its rider – allowing for a wider range of uses and a greater level of functionality if the need arises.