Hyunjoo Yang

Current Position

Assistant Professor (2020-present)

School of Economics

Sogang University, South Korea

서강대학교 경제학부 조교수 양현주

Email: hyang (at) sogang.ac.kr

Research Interests

Development economics, South Korean economic history


PhD in Economics, Brown University 2016

MSc in Economics, London School of Economics 2010

BA in Trade and Commerce, Incheon National University 2008

Publications - Economics

  • To move or not to move? The impact of immigration influx on natives' neighborhood choices in Seoul, Korea, 2021 (with Joseph Han, Jinwook Hur and Jongkwan Lee) Journal of Economic Geography (download)

  • Social insurance in an aging population: Impacts of a government transfer program in South Korea, 2021 (with Kanghyock Koh), Economic Development and Cultural Change, 69(4) (download)

  • Is there regional inequality in medical accessibility of the severely injured? Application of driving time data in South Korea, 2020 (with Elliot Kang, Min Gyung Kim, and Kanghyock Koh), Journal of Market Economy, 49(1) (download)

  • Family clans and public goods: Evidence from the New Village Beautification Project in South Korea, 2019, Journal of Development Economics, 136 (download)
    - 2019 Korean Economy Academic Research Award, the Korean Economic Association (2019 한국경제학회 한국경제학술상 수상)

Publications - Hospitality and Tourism

  • Effects of visual cues and social density on beverage consumption: A field experiment in a bar, 2021 (with Min Gyung Kim and Anna Mattila), Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (download)

  • The impact of customer loyalty on restaurant sanitation grades and the importance of narrative information: The case of New York Restaurant Sanitation Grading System, 2018 (with Min Gyung Kim and Anna Mattila), Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 59(3) (download)

Computer Science Conference Proceedings

  • Learning to score economic development from satellite imagery, 2020 (with Sungwon Han, Donghyun Ahn, Sungwon Park, Jeasurk Yang, Susang Lee, Jihee Kim, Sangyoon Park and Meeyoung Cha), Proceedings of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGKDD 2020 Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) (download)

Working Papers

  • Persistent effects of mega-events on local economies: An application of administrative big data, with Min Gyung Kim (Hongik Univ.)
    - R&R

  • The legacy of the New Village Movement in South Korea, with Jean Hong (HKUST) and Sunkyoung Park (Incheon Nat'l Univ.)
    revision requested

  • Protestantism, State Education, and Female Empowerment: Evidence from South Korea’s Past Century, with Yutaro Izumi (GRIPS) and Sangyoon Park (HKU)

  • Measuring economic development in North Korea: Human-machine collaboration using satellite imagery, with Donghyun Ahn (KAIST), Jeasurk Yang (NUS), Sungwon Han (KAIST), Sungwon Park (KAIST), Susang Lee (KAIST), Jihee Kim (KAIST), Sangyoon Park (HKU) and Meeyoung Cha (KAIST & IBS)

  • Learning economy from multi-level geographic information, with Sungwon Han (KAIST), Donghyun Ahn (KAIST), Sungwon Park (KAIST), Jeasurk Yang (NUS), Susang Lee (KAIST), Jihee Kim (KAIST), Sangyoon Park (HKU) and Meeyoung Cha (KAIST & IBS)

  • Teaching machines to measure economic activities from satellite images: Challenges and solutions, with Sungwon Han (KAIST), Donghyun Ahn (KAIST), Sungwon Park (KAIST), Jeasurk Yang (NUS), Susang Lee (KAIST), Jihee Kim (KAIST), Sangyoon Park (HKU) and Meeyoung Cha (KAIST & IBS) (download)

  • The effect of war on local collective action: Evidence from the Korean War

  • Did high speed trains promote local economic activities?: Evidence from the introduction of Korea Train Express, with Elliot Kang (U. of Michigan) and Kanghyock Koh (Korea Univ.)

  • Do education levels of village leaders matter? with Taejong Kim (KDI School) and Sunjin Kim (KDI)

  • Did land pre-sale right before the agricultural land reform undermine the distributional effect of the reform?: Evidence from Korea, with Jongryong Park (Seoul Nat'l Univ.)