NEWS - MetroLink Station Operational 2027

Is our concern and for our residents the new bus route 155 bus came to assist Hampton Wood, thus adding to 3 bus routes (13, 140, 155) and increased bus frequency, the new metro link will be an important to our estate to reduce the time spent on the bus from 1 hour to minutes in the direction of downtown.


Ballymun is identified in the Dublin City Development Plan 2016-2022 as a key development and regeneration are capable of delivering significant opportunities, The focus is to identify those sites within Ballymun suitable for development. A total of 31 no. sites have been identified, grouped under three category headings

1- Main Street

2- Neighbourhood Sities

3- M50 Lands

HWRA is working together with DCC in order to help decide the best for our residents.

NEWS - Decathlon

Great news about Decathlon’s job recruitment and specific plans for the area where it will feature a rollerblading track, bike circuit and astroturf pitch.

The popular sports shop is aiming to open a new Ballymun outlet, the first outlet in Ireland.

The aim is to open hopefully by the end of this year and you can apply for a role here

NEWS - HWRA CCTV Security Campaign

We support our local business in partnership with will provide you the best CCTV solution at low cost


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