HWAC Masters


Having won the South London SCVAC League for 2 years - we now want to try for a HAT TRICK!

And the Ladies Team - will look to push for numbers and their first League win since forever...

Matches 2018

MATCH 1 : MONDAY 30th April - cancelled MAY be rearranged for 14th May subject to confirmation and officials etc etc etc

Wimbledon Park (Hercules Wimbledon AC)

MATCH 2: Monday 21st May

Ewell Court (Epsom & Ewell Harriers)

MATCH 3: Monday 11th June

Waterside Athletics Arena (Walton AC)


MATCH 4: Monday 9th July

Kingsmeadow (Kingston & Polytechnic)


PRE-2018 Videos & Photos

Results from Finals of SCVAC at Ashford in September 2017

see here

Hercules Wimbledon A.C. Masters - SCVAC Report from Summer 2017

Having won the SCVAC South London Division in 2016, we were keen to defend our title. This we did in some style winning all 4 of the 4 matches. Initially it looked like Epsom & Ewell would be putting up a bit of a fight - but this faded to nothing and the wins got more and more comfortable.

Much of the success of the Men’s Team was built around the amazing strength of the sprinters - in Dominic Bokor-Ingrams we have an athlete who commands considerable respect for what he has achieved from 100 - 400m and this year he even did the 800m on a couple of occasions. At the SCVAC Finals at Ashford I noticed that other sprinters from the other clubs wanted to talk to him and ask him about his training regime etc - and in cases just to be happy sharing some time with the great man. Indeed at Ashford the sprinters won pretty much everything that was going - barely dropping any points in the 100m - 200m - 400m. Paradoxically the points that we lost were mainly by Dominic and partly down to the 800m that he ran just minutes before the 100m! Another factor was that Dominic was running this summer on the cusp of becoming an M50… and was up against athletes almost 15 years his younger! His 11.94 run in Denmark at the European Masters Championships must be a new club record. In the 200m his best time was 23.84 was also in Denmark, but it was his 51.74 400m time that saw him take silver at the European Championships. He was also 2nd inthe 800 in Aarhus with 2:02.82….

Meanwhile the ‘other sprinters’ deserve a mention - Mike Amsden M35; Mark White top ranked 5th in the m50 100m, 2nd M50 200 and top of the M50 400 with 54.85; and Geoffrey Walcott who on his return after some years simply rolled back the years - and we watched in awe as he ran 13.45 into a headwind of minus 2.4 and a stunning 60.85 to top the UK M65 rankings….

Meanwhile Peter Giles was top ranked M70 at 800m, 1500m, 3000m times of 2:43.3/5:23.79i/5:26.33/11:30.22i/20:06.38i/20:20.91… He is 2nd on the M70 1500m All Time UK Rankings.

In all we had 24 Masters compete for the Men’s SCVAC

These included J Reed, M de Feita, C Lawrie, F Green, G Lilley, P Collins, V Ray, R Weston, S Milton, D Orchard, J Webster 2nd M75 UK HT, K Snelling, A Davies, S Newton, M Franklin, A Austin, G Cotter, P Lee, R McDowell and D Cheesman.

In 2018 we want to make it three in a row (greedy eh?)

Meanwhile we are getting stronger and stronger in the Women’s SCVAC Master League.

Not that many years the Women were struggling to turn out at all at some matches - but this looks like a thing of the past. Led by Lisa Thomas, the women were often in the mix for 2nd place at these meetings... Indeed they were 3rd in 2 meetings and 2nd in the other 2 meetings with an overall 3rd place. Much of this is to do with the traditional middle distance strength provided by Lisa, Gina Galbarth, Alison Purnell, Anna Garnier Anne Hegvold, Vikki Filsell, and the sprints speed-headed by Emilie Bokor-Ingram… BUT this year added to by the ‘Wind-Milers’ Nataliya Khromey, Maria Kirkbride, Harsha Naik, Annette Barrett.

Congratulations to

Anna Garnier - European Champion W60 1500m 5:46.93

Alison Murray European Champion W50 Pole Vault 2.90m