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McCulloch MCC1635A and Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper Chainsaw Review

McCulloch MCC1635A 16-Inch 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Chainsaw Review

For those people that are looking for a decent saw to handle their yard work and trimming around their home, the McCulloch MCC1635A is the perfect saw for you. This great 16 inch chainsaw will have you very pleased with its ability to take on just about any job and make it easy for you to get it taken care of. The bonus of an automatic oiler means you won’t have to worry about oiling the chain every few minutes so that it will cut easily.

McCulloch started producing garden equipment in 1942 and have yet to slow down. This company takes pride in what they manufacture and the McCulloch MCC1635A is one of the many they’re proud to sell. This chainsaw has the power you need to get your projects done in a time frame you can be happy with and you will be most pleased with your decision to purchase it.

Reviewers are pretty much split on rating this chainsaw. The ones that like it say it’s one of the best saws they have ever used, but the others seem to think it has a lack of power and is hard to restart after running for a bit.

Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper Electric Chain Saw Review

If you have some small trimming that needs to be done in a hurry, then this is the saw for you. The electric Alligator Lopper can make quick work of those dead limbs that have become an eye sore for you and your neighbors.

The enclosed upper and lower jaws will ensure that you aren’t digging your chain into dirt or other debris.

This saw is not meant to cut anything over 4 inches in diameter and doesn’t require any force on the handles to make it work. All you need are steady hands and this little gem will do the work for you.

There have been some reviews of this saw stating that the chain gear can get clogged when cutting green wood. Since this saw is made for light pruning, you probably shouldn’t use it for heavier work like you would a regular chainsaw. But it’s great for little jobs.



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