Hurdle's Turtles

Welcome to Hurdle's Turtles!

Our Kindergarten Turtle Room is a sea full of love, laughter, learning and leading for all students! We are excited for our new school year together (however it may look), as well as getting to know more about each student and his/her family. We will work create personal goals and work hard toward reaching them!

Leadership is a huge part of our classroom! It is important that through relationship building, we strive to develop a solid communication system so students and families can be fully supported academically and emotionally. Our students will learn effective leadership through our Leader In Me curriculum. Through the 7 Habits, our students will begin to develop the skills they need to effectively lead, advocate, and strive to achieve personal and academic goals.


Meet the Teacher is on 8/19 from 4-5pm. Come visit us anytime within this hour to meet your teachers, see our classroom, and receive necessary paperwork to start the year.