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Using Hang On Treestands for Bowhunting

Hang on treestands are alot like ladder stands in that they are "permanantly" attached to the tree. They are more portable and easier to put up without help. They are usually accessed with climbing sticks or tree steps. Tree steps are screwed directly into the tree and therefore cause damage to the tree. This along with the fact that tree steps are more prone to foot slippage, is a major reason many bowhunters are using climbing sticks to access their hang on treestands.

Hang on stands can be put into trees that neither ladder stands or climbers can be put in. The tree can have limbs protruding all around it because there is nothing attaching the stand to the ground and you carry it up the tree. The only place you need a clearing in the tree is where your stand rests and where you will be shooting. You can even use the tree limbs to climb the tree if they are suitable for the purpose, eliminating the need for climbing sticks or tree steps.

To mount a hang on treestand you need to first install your climbing sticks or tree steps. To install the tree steps just screw them into the tree in an alternating pattern fit to your hight and ability. Climbing sticks usually come in 3' or 4' lengths. You strap the first section of sticks to the tree, climb it and strap the second set to the tree. Continue in this manner until you are at your desired bowhunting height. Once all your climbing sticks are installed carry your stand up the tree and attach it to the tree with straps or chains. As I have said before I prefer ratchet straps for this purpose.

Now that you have your hang on treestand installed you need to climb into it and clear away any limbs or obstructions to your shooting lanes. Also check the distances to nearby trees with your rangefinder to give you an idea of what ranges you need to practice from.

As with ladder stands you should put up your hang on stand well before you plan to bowhunt from it. And as always never forget your safety harness when using any treestand.

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