Hughes Movie Supplies

Supplying Military Vehicles to Film & Television for Over 45 Years

HMS - The Military Vehicle Specialists

Film & TV Hire


A comprehensive fleet ready for action from jeeps, "hummers", trucks, motorbikes, armoured vehicles & tanks (wheeled & tracked).

    • WW1 to modern day vehicles.
    • Driving, static or duplicate vehicles for stunt/SFX work.
    • If we don't have it we can probably source it or build it.


Drivers, mechanics & full on-set workshop facilities complement our specialist knowledge of film industry demands.

Along with this we have extensive knowledge of off-road logistics including an amphibious capability.


These are just some of the Film & TV productions we have supplied vehicles for:


  • Fury
  • Captain America
  • X men first class
  • RED 2
  • WWZ
  • Monument Men


  • Spooks
  • Goodnight Sweetheart
  • Monarch of The Glen
  • Soldier Soldier