I am a fifth-year mathematics graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin. My advisor is Cameron Gordon. I am in interested in low-dimensional topology and knot theory. I'm currently thinking about questions related to the L-space conjecture. You can find my preprints on the arXiv or see my research page.

I am excited to be lead organizer of the Directed Reading Program at UT. This is a mentoring program for undergraduates modeling the life of a graduate student. Students learn to read math independently, communicate more clearly and gain practical advice about graduate school.

Together with Jonathan Johnson and Siddhi Krishna, I am organizing the session Investigating the L-space conjecture as part of the Nearly Carbon Neutral Geometry and Topology Conference happening (online) June 1-14. Looking for other virtual low-dimensional topology events? Check out this repository of seminars, working groups, and virtual office hours!

There is confetti on me from cascarones in honor of my oral exam.