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Let's Get Started With Office Setup using – Microsoft Office Is a Predominant Software Used By Millions Of People Across The Globe. There Are Very few computer software's used as commonly as Office Setup. Office Setup is a Software Program that can be downloaded from office setup is very useful For Its Users. But before we get into its usage, let us understand what actually Is office setup .Microsoft Office Setup was released in 1990. From the basic origins, Microsoft Office evolved into the most extensively used productivity suite across the world. Currently, over a billion people in the world are using this suite. Office setup offers a wide range of apps related to productivity which are easy to set up and use. If you want to get access to an Office setup you need to visit the link

Sign in to download and install Office

Sign in to download and install Office

Before downloading the Office setup, you will have to sign in to your account, and then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to and Sign In or login into your Microsoft account linked to the Office version.

  2. After signing in, you need to click on Install Office. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, you will have to tap on Install Office apps.

  3. The users who are not Office 365 subscribers have to then click on Install while the Office 365 users need to click on Office 365 apps. MS Office, by default, gets downloaded in a 64-bit version. If you want to change it, then click on other installing options and select the version and language of MS Office and proceed further.

  4. Wait for the download procedure of Office setup to get over.

How to Install Office on Windows

Once you have downloaded the MS Office setup from, you need to install it. Installation can be done with the help of the following steps:

  1. You need to run the downloaded file on your system.

  2. On running the setup, you will have to click Yes on “Allow the app to make changes to your computer?”

  3. Once you click on Yes, your installation will start.

  4. As soon as your installation gets over, you can watch the animation regarding the further procedure or click on Close.

How to Activate Office on Windows

After finishing your download and installation procedure, you will have to activate it. It can be done by following ways:

  1. Open the app which you want to use like Word or PowerPoint.

  2. Then click on the Accept button.

  3. Then follow up the prompts after you enter your product key.

  4. You can then use the apps of the Office setup.

How to Download Office on Mac​​

To download Office setup on Mac, you need to follow these steps:

  1. You need to open the link

  2. There you need to log in to your Office account.

  3. When you are signed in, click on the Install Office.

  4. If you want Office 365, then you will have to select Install Office apps.

  5. Then follow up with the download procedure and wait for the download process to finish.

How to Install Office on Mac

Once you have downloaded the Office setup from, follow these steps to install Office setup on Mac:

  1. Go to Finder when you have finished downloading the Office setup.

  2. Open the downloads section and Run the Office setup file.

  3. Click on Continue in the prompt window to start your installation process.

  4. Agree and Continue on the license agreement.

  5. Then select your installation type and click on Continue.

  6. Then click on Install and type your system’s password in the prompt.

  7. You need to further click on Install Software to begin your installation.

  8. Once your installation is completed, click on Close.

How to Activate Office on Mac

After download and installation procedure, you need to activate your Office setup on Mac:

  1. From the Dock, click on the Launchpad.

  2. Open any Office app which you want to use like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

  3. Tap on Get Started and then click on Sign In.

  4. Then click on Next, and you will then be prompted to the product activation page.

  5. Enter your product key there and then follow up the instructions appearing further.

To create an account for Office 365 login,

you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all, you have to visit and click on the “Sign In” option.

  2. When the sign-in page opens, click on the option that reads as “Create One!” available next to “No account?”

  3. Here, enter your email address and click on the “Next” option.

  4. After this, enter the required details in the sign-up page and follow the on-screen

  5. instruction to complete the account creation process.

How to redeem your Office product key?

To get Office on your compatible device, you need to first redeem your product key. You can easily redeem your Office Setup product key at by following some simple steps which are given below:

To Redeem your office product key,

you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your web browser and type which is the basic link for Office setup.

  2. On the page that opens, login using your Microsoft account.

  3. Here, you will be asked to enter your product key which looks like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

  4. When you enter 25 product key, after that click on the “Submit” button.

  5. After redeeming your product key, you can easily download the desired Office

  6. software by visiting – Installing Office 2019 on PC or Mac

To download and install ore reinstall Office Setup or Office 365 on PC or Mac you just need to follow the steps carefully mentioned below:

  1. First, from your browser visit

  2. On this page, click on the “Sign-in” button if you have an account, by this you will be able to reinstall office setup.

  3. But, If you do not have an account already, then click on “Sign up”. Here follow the on-screen instructions. This will help you create a new/fresh account.

  4. Now, depending on the process, after signing in the account, again visit and click on “Sign in” if prompted.

  5. Here on the account page, click on the “Install Office” button visible on the right-hand side.

  6. The website will direct you to the “Subscriptions & Services” page, just click “Get More Info” link under Office 365

  7. Further redirecting you on the new page, click on “Buy and download” and then click on “checkout”

  8. You now need to follow the instructions displayed on the screen so that you can download the file after the completion of the payment.

  9. After the downloading process completes, double click the file and follow the onscreen instructions.

What is the cost of Microsoft Office?

Office 2019 Home & Business is available for $249.99 and for Office 2016 Home and Business, you need to pay $229. On the contrary, Office 2019 Professional is available $439.99 but Office 2016 Professional can be purchased for $399. Office 365 for a one-time installation for a single device costs a user $150. But, Office 365 for a yearly subscription for multiple devices costs a user around $70 to $100. You can buy the desired version for your compatible device based on the price which suits your budget the most.

How to get Office for free?

Since creating an Office or Microsoft account on is necessary for using any of the versions of apps of Office, therefore, it is compulsory to have an Office account. Once you create an account, you can use some online versions of the Office applications. But, there’s a catch, these tools and apps are available with limited features. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the full-featured version of Office, you need to buy a paid subscription of Office.

Use Microsoft Office for Home and Student 2019

This version of Office has been specifically developed for those who wish to use traditional Office apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But, for this all you need to have the email address of your educational institutions. This address should be linked with the Office version your concerned institution has purchased. With this email address, you need to log in at and enjoy the full-featured version of the free Office setup. The educational license purchased by your institute makes it possible for a large number of users to use Office setup simultaneously. On the contrary, Home users need to purchase it but at a lesser price.

Get it free with your device

Sometimes, when you buy a new device, you become entitled to get a free version of Office with it. This free version allows you to use Office apps for a certain time period based on the license that your retailer has purchased. On the contrary, if he has purchased the full-featured version of Office, then he will get it. You can also use the Mobile apps of Office that are available for free. You can easily get it from the apps providing platform of your device.

How do I get the trial version of Office?

The trial version of Office entitles you to use Microsoft Office free for 30 days. You can use it and get it for free with your Microsoft account. After this, you need to buy a paid version for using the licensed product. If you wish to continue using the free trial version, there’s one trick with which you can do so. You can create or use several Microsoft accounts on for using it.

Microsoft Product activation- Explained

Sometimes, when you buy a new device, you become entitled to get a free version of Office with it. This free version allows you to use Office apps for a certain time period based on the license that your retailer has purchased. On the contrary, if he has purchased the full-featured version of Office, then he will get it. You can also use the Mobile apps of Office that are available for free. You can easily get it from the apps providing platform of your device.

6 Best Easy steps to download

  1. Go to and click ‘Sign in’.

  2. Now, login with your Microsoft account.

  3. Enter the account related credentials.

  4. You can also use the details related to a work or school account.

  5. Those who don’t have an account, can sign up on

  6. Now, click on the ‘Install Office’ button followed by ‘Install’.

Now, the downloading process will begin after which you need to install Office.

Steps to Install Office


  1. Once the download process completes, click Run/Setup/Save File. This option will be based on the web browser of your device.

  2. Now, select ‘Yes’ on the User Account Control window.

  3. As soon as you do this, the installation will begin.

  4. Now, you need to close the installation window of


  1. Open the ‘Finder’ of your Mac device.

  2. Now, click on the ‘Downloads’ folder to expand it.

  3. Next, you need to find the MS Office installer package file.

  4. After locating it, double-click on it.

  5. Click ‘Continue’ and then follow some easy on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

3 Ways to Activate MS Office

  1. First of all, you need to locate and open Office applications. You can do it from the Start menu.

  2. On Mac, click on the Launchpad and Windows you need to click ‘Continue’ on the license agreement.

  3. On Mac, click ‘Get Started’ and enter the activation code when asked. – Enter product key –

In today’s era, there is no such platform which can be accessed by creating an account. The same is the case with Microsoft. If you wish to access any of its services or its products, it is a must that you have an account.

You are entitled to get several benefits once you create an Office account. Hence, we shall be discussing everything related to creating an account, signing up, and login issues in this article.

What is an Office account?

With a single Microsoft account, one is entitled to access a variant of Office programs, apps, as well as services. So, if you wish to use any of these services, then you need to create an account on this platform and log in to it using the registered login credentials. This account has all the information related to your purchases. Also, it stores all the information related to your key so that you can download the purchased products whenever you want.

Why must you have an Office account?

If you have a Microsoft account, then the same account can be used for accessing different Microsoft services such as Gmail, Outlook mail, Windows, Xbox, Skype, etc. Using it, you can perform the following functions:

  1. Download/install/re-install the purchased products

  2. Gain access to your cloud data

  3. Make payments to your subscriptions

  4. If any app needs an update, then you may easily update it

  5. Manage your account-related info

  6. Reset/change your security settings

  7. Buy new Microsoft Office subscription

Now, it’s time to learn how you create an Office account.

Steps to create an Office account

  1. In the search of your browser, enter the URL

  2. Now, on the sign in page, select ‘Create an account’.

  3. On the registration portal, enter your email address and click ‘Next’.

  4. After that, enter the desired password in the given field and click ‘Next’.

  5. Next, you will receive a confirmation code on the given email address.

  6. Enter this code on the verification page and click ‘Next’.

  7. Next up, enter the given captcha in the provided space and click ‘Next’.

As soon as you do this, you will be redirected to the sign in page of Microsoft. Here, you can login to your account using the following instructions.

Steps to log in to your Office account

  1. In the initial step, visit the sign in page i.e.

  2. On the sign in page, enter your email address in the first space.

  3. Then, click on the ‘Next’ option.

  4. In the next space, provide your password associated to this account.

  5. Again, select ‘Next’ and you are good to go.

Learn to manage your account

  1. From the ‘My Account’ page, log in to your account.

  2. Now, go to the ‘View Account’ tab.

  3. Here, you will see the complete list of account-related settings.

  4. From the drop-down, select the desired option to manage it.

  5. There are a number of settings to choose from:

    • Services

    • Payments

    • Subscriptions

    • Status

What if you forget your password?

In case you have forgotten your Microsoft account login password, then you easily reset it using the instructions given below.

To reset your password/recover your account:

  1. From your preferred browser, go to

  2. On the resulting page, enter your email address and click ‘Next’.

  3. Next up, select the option reading as ‘Forgot my password’.

  4. Now, complete the account verification process.

  5. After that, choose a new password for account login.

  6. Re-enter the same password in the next field.

  7. Hit the ‘save’ option to finally recover your account.

If you suspect suspicious activity on your account

In case you suspect suspicious activity on your Microsoft account, then you may immediately change your password. Follow the instructions given below to change your password.

To change your password:

  1. From your browser, visit

  2. Here, enter your account login email ID and click ‘Next’.

  3. Then, enter your login password and tap ‘Next’.

  4. Now, click on the option of reading as ‘Change my password’

  5. Further, tap on ‘I don’t have any of these’ and select ‘Next’.

  6. Complete the account verification.

  7. Set up your new password and enter it twice. - Office Setup -

Today, many get their MS Office suite online because it’s less straightforward and fast. Here are the quick steps to download the Microsoft Office suite via or

  1. Launch your browser; Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc.

  2. Locate the search, type ‘office setup’ or ‘’. If not,

  3. Get directly to the website via

  4. Once the official page opens, you’ll see options to either sign in or create a new account

  5. Sign in with email and password if you’re an old member

  6. If new, press create a new account, then enter your details

  7. After login, now the screen to enter product key pops

  8. Select your preferred application

  9. Spend time to read the terms and agreement

  10. Make sure your system is compatible with the

  11. Then, hit on the download button

  12. It takes a few minutes for the download to complete; so wait.

Installing In Windows

After downloading, these steps will enable you to successfully install and use the Microsoft 365 setup.

  1. With your PC, open your web browser

  2. Type on the address bar

  3. Create an account or Sign in with your login information

  4. After signing in, you will be redirected to the product install page

  5. Locate and tap on the install button

  6. Then, hit on the run setup file on your computer

  7. Press yes once the UAC prompt pops

  8. Wait until the installation is complete

Installing Microsoft365 In Mac Computers

  1. After downloading the file via, go to finder.

  2. Open your download folder

  3. Locate the file downloaded from

  4. Double click on the setup file

  5. Now the continue button comes up, hit on it.

  6. Read the license information

  7. Accept the agreement

  8. Tap on the install icon

  9. Installation takes time; wait patiently.

How To Activate Microsoft 365 Setup

After the Microsoft 365 setup download and installation is complete, follow the instructions below to activate.

  1. Launch your Office setup at

  2. Hit on the ‘Activate Now’ icon

  3. Enter your product key

  4. After that, tap on the continue icon and follow the onscreen instructions

  5. Now, start enjoying Microsoft 365

How To Reinstall Microsoft 365?

Remove the existing file before you reinstall the new Microsoft 365 setup.

  1. Open your browser

  2. Type

  3. Select your preferred Office version

  4. Hit on the download icon

  5. Wait for the installation to complete

  6. Run the Office setup file

  7. Follow the screen prompt to activate

How To Upgrade Microsoft 365?

Unlike other Ms product versions, you don’t need to perform any action to upgrade the Office 365 version. That’s because you already have the latest version which updates regularly.

How To Change Your Payment Method?

Follow the steps below to change your payment options

  1. Open

  2. Sign in to your Microsoft Office account

  3. On the home page, move to services and subscriptions

  4. Select ‘change payment option’

  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to choose your new payment method

  6. Note that this feature is not for users on the prepaid plan.

How To Renew Microsoft 365 Subscription

  1. Go to

  2. Select your preferred subscription

  3. Tap on the renew now icon

How To Turn Off Recurring Billing In Microsoft 365?

  1. Go to

  2. Navigate to the subscriptions and services page

  3. Locate your Microsoft 365

  4. On the preferred subscription, select Manage

  5. Tap on turn off constant billing