Google Account Recovery- Find your email or reset password

Having trouble logging in to your Google account? On an off chance if you ever forgot your password or email address and can't sign in even after trying all the possible ways, then worry not. There are several other ways through which Google account recovery is possible. Although it might seem a hectic process to you, ultimately you want to get access to your account because your account contains essential data about you.

However, you will only be able to recover your Google account if you complete the verification. Without completing the verification, you will never be able to access your Google account. So, you must be ready with all the information that you think might help you in the process to recover your account. Therefore, let's get started and try to recover your Google account.

Basic process to recover your Gmail account

The Gmail recovery can be done in different ways based on; if you have forgotten the password or you have forgotten the username. You can also do it by navigating to and following some easy steps.

If you forgot the password

Just go to the google account recovery page forgot password and complete some steps. Or, use the steps that are mentioned below:

1. Go to the Gmail login page

2. In the first space, enter your email or phone number

3. Click "Next" to reach the password page

4. Then, tap on the "Forgot Password" link

5. Type the password that you remember you used the last time

6. Answer the question that is asked to you

7. Or, fill in the required details when prompted on-screen

8. After completing the verification, create a new password

If you forgot the username

1. Go to

2. Enter the phone number that you linked with your account

3. Or, type the recovery email address of this account and tap "Next"

4. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen

5. After providing the necessary details, you'll see a few usernames

6. One of them would be your username

Recover your account using Google account recovery phone number

If you want to recover your Google account using your phone number then you should follow the instructions that are given right below:

1. Go to the Google account recovery page i.e.

2. Now, enter the email address of your account and click "Next"

3. Then, select the option reading as "Forgot password?"

4. Next up, enter the password you think would work

5. Else, click on the "try another way" option

6. Next up, click on the "Send code" option

7. You will now receive the verification code by SMS

8. Enter the same code that you received and click "Submit"

9. Now, you will be redirected to the password reset page

10. Here, you need to create a new password and click "Save"

This is how you can do Gmail recovery by phone number. Moving on, we shall now learn how to do Google account recovery date of birth at

Google account recovery with Date of birth

1. Go to the Gmail sign-in page

2. Now, enter your email address and click "Next"

3. After that, tap on the "Forgot password" link

4. Next up, you will be redirected to the page

5. Here, enter any password you think will work

6. Then, click on the "Try another way" option

7. Chose the password recovery option as the "Date of Birth"

8. Then, enter your date of birth and complete some prompts

You shall be asked to enter a new password for your account which should be unique and strong.

Google Account Recovery with https // Without Using the Phone Number and Email Address

In case you do not have access to your recovery email or phone number, then you may recover your account by answering the security question:

1. Go to the page

2. Enter your Gmail username i.e. your email address

3. Click "Next" and enter the password you remember

4. Then, select the "Forgot password" option to proceed further

5. Now, skip all the recovery options and choose the "Answer the security question" option

6. After that, you will be shown your security question

7. Provide the answer to this question and you will be able to reset the password

8. Make sure you save the password before exiting the page Password Reset Google Account

For Google or gmail account recovery or to reset your password, you can follow any of the methods given above. Here, we have listed all the methods to reset your password. You can either do it by using your recovery email address, recovery phone number, date of birth, answering the security question, and using the device that you linked with your Google account.


For Google account recovery, you'll need your recovery phone number, email address, or you shall be asked certain questions which you need to answer to get through the verification. If you can't recover your account using any of the methods listed above, then you may need to contact Google help and provide them with all the required details.