Finding the right printer for your home and office can be overwhelming. As there are various types of printers as well as printer manufacturers that can make you second guess which one suits your best.

As a person of technical background, I usually recommend Canon printers, as they are fast and easy to maintain, and fit right into your home and office. The latest models of canon come with fast print speed, easy to use the software, attractive design, and enhanced connectivity, which can suit your needs.

If you’re a college student and as we know there is a lot of rush in the printing shops at the time of assignment submission. This is a place where Canon Printer fits perfectly as they are optimal in size, can fit in your wardrobe, and comes within an affordable price range.

As of now, you get the idea about which printer is going to suit your need, but as challenging is buying a printer, setting up a printer is none other than that. Most people suffer while setting up their printers. If you're having the same issue you can visit www.canon.com/ijsetup or check the details given below.

Canon Printer With Wireless Network

You can now go to setup menu on your printer panel, select WLAN setup and select the wireless network that you want to connect your printer with.

Make sure you are choosing the same network name that you use to connect your wireless devices at home and the network that your computer is connected with. Now, enter the wireless network password and click on “connect”.

You will now see the wireless light will start flashing on your printer, and this is an indication that your printer is attempting to connect to your wireless network.

Visit : www.canon.com/ijsetup

Once the wireless lamp is solid blue, it means that it is now connected to the network.

Now, on your computer, choose the wireless connection method, and it will search for the available wireless printers. You need to select your Canon printer with the same model number that you have and click on “next”.

The drivers will be installed, and your printer is going to be successfully installed. You can now go ahead and try to print a document to check the printer’s quality and format.

Setup canon ij setup from Canon.com/ijsetup

1. Go to the official website of canon

2. To visit click here - www.canon.com/ijsetup or ij.start.canon

3. You will be redirected to homepage of the website.

4. Now, click on the “Set Up” icon.

5. Once clicked you will be redirected to the another window

6. Enter the model number of the printer

7. You can either type your model number manually.

8. You can use the click select option that is available in the lower panel on the same page.

9. Click on "Enter" button.

10. The setup instructions for your particular model will pop-up.

11. Hence, Follow the steps prompted on your screen.

Canon ij printer hardware setup

1. Unbox the Canon printer from the package.

2. Check if all the components mentioned in the specification are present.

3. Remove the packaging material from the internal parts.

4. Connect the power cord and cables to the printer.

5. Press the Power button to power on the printer.

6. Make sure your device is turned on.

7. Load the input tray with papers and check if the ink tank is empty.

8. Connect the printer to an active internet and begin the software installation process.