Office.com/setup - www.office.com/setup is an Official Website For Office Setup . Office.com/setup Is Managed And Maintained By Microsoft Itself . The Only Purpose of The URL www.office.com/setup is To Provide Simple Access To The Customer Buying Microsoft Office Software. By Using The Website www.office.com/setup Any One having having a valid office setup product key Can Easily Setup Microsoft Office Setup On their Device. To Proceed With Office Setup/Installation There Are Few Simple Steps Everyone has To Follow In order to Redeem Office Product Key, Download Office Setup, Activate Office & Install Office.

Setup Office from Office.com/setup

  1. Go to www.office.com/setup or office.com/setup for Office Setup.

  2. Sign In or Create a new Microsoft Account.

  3. Find and get your Office Setup Product Key handy.

  4. Enter Office Setup Product key.

  5. Select your Country and Language.

  6. Download Office Setup and follow On-Screen instructions.

  7. Finish the Installation Process and Run the Applications.

Install Office Setup on Windows


  1. Go to www.office.com/setup or office.com/setup for Office Setup.
    Any Internet browser, visit www.office.com/setup or office.com/setup and select the Office product you want to install.

  2. Sign In to your Microsoft Office Account.
    Sign In to your account at
    www.office.com/setup or www.office365.com/setup, to complete the purchase and setup office. If you, however, do not have a Microsoft Account, you’ll have to create one.

  3. Find your Office Product Key.
    and get your Office setup Product key of your Microsoft Office in your email associated with your office or find it on the box if bought from a retail store.

  4. Enter your Office Setup Product Key.
    Once you have logged in to your account or created a new one, you have to enter
    office setup Product key in the orange area. Select your country and the language you want.

  5. Download and Install Office.
    Once you have entered the correct information, you can begin downloading the software. Follow the on-screen directions and start downloading your registered copy of Microsoft Office.

  6. Run the Activation wizard.
    Once you run the office installer you need to
    follow on-screen instructions that appear on the screen. Now, We just need to wait for the office setup to go through the installation process.

  7. Open and Run office Applications.
    As soon as the installation is complete open any office app and you will get a welcome screen with a message “You’re All Set” and that office is activated.

Install Office Setup on Mac

  1. Go to office.com/setup for office setup using safari or google chrome browser

  2. Sign in To Microsoft Account Or Create An Account To Login.

  3. Keep Office Setup Product Key Handy.

  4. Enter Office Setup Product Key & Click Next.

  5. Click Install Option On The Page To Download Office Setup File.

  6. Find the downloaded file Named as "Office_setup.dmg" and double click on it.

  7. Click on the continue button two times.

  8. Click on the agree button.

  9. Click on continue.

  10. Click on Install and then enter the password for your Mac.

  11. Click on close when the installation is finished.

Office.com/setup - Install Office Setup with Product Key

Office.com/setupOffice is available in Multiple versions such as Office 2019, Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007. It is considered one of the best software suite for any PC. You might have used already one or all of these tools offered by Microsoft at your home or office. These tools can help you complete various smallest and significant tasks and projects on your computer. If you don’t have MS Office in your PC, get the Office setup from office.com/setup.

Steps to Download Office Setup on a Mac and Windows

First Of All, It is necessary to have the Office subscription or package for using downloading the Office setup. If you don’t have the same, you can quickly get the same from the official or third-party website or through the nearest retail store. Go through these steps to download the Office setup on Mac and Windows:

  1. Visit www.office.com/setup and get the desired productive suit from there.

  2. You will have to choose the ideal Office version from the available options, which are most likely to be 2019, 365, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007.

  3. Select the package and add it to the cart.

  4. Once you have added, make the payment of the same.

  5. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you need to create one.

  6. For students, there is an exemption. They can even log in with their ID card.

  7. Now, click on the ‘Option’ button from the homepage.

  8. You will now see the listed Office products on your screen.

  9. Find the desired Office product that you want through the Control+F command or scroll till the bottom of the screen to find the one that you want.

  10. Read the given description of the product and check whether your computer has the same specification as asked in the product or not.

  11. If it is compatible, hit the Install button present on the screen.

  12. Your Office setup will start downloading soon.

In this way, your desired Office product will be successfully downloaded your PC and you can move for the installation process.

Steps to Install Office Setup on Mac and Windows

Office setup installation for Windows

  1. Visit the folder where you downloaded the Office setup.

  2. Usually, the downloaded files are found in the ‘Downloads’ folder.

  3. Once you see the setup file through anyway, double-click on it.

  4. Select the Yes option available on the next screen.

  5. Your Office setup will be successfully installed in a while.

  6. Hit the Finish button at last when it prompts on the screen to complete the installation process.

Office setup installation for Mac

  1. Use the finder in your Mac to locate the downloaded file.

  2. Once you find the downloaded file, double-click on the same and then choose the Next option.

  3. Read the given Terms and Conditions on your screen and hit the ‘I Agree’ button when you are done satisfied with what you read.

  4. You will see the Continue button on the screen now. Click on it.

  5. Then, click the Install button, and you will be asked to enter your Mac’s security password.

  6. Provide the same and then hit the Install Software button at last.

  7. The installation process will begin, and once you hit the Finish button, the Microsoft Office product that you wished will be successfully installed in your Mac.

Steps to Activate Microsoft Office Setup

A valid product activation key will be essential for you to activate your installed Office product. It is used to check the authenticity of the product. You can get the product key from the product purchased mail or the retail card. Follow these steps for activation:

  1. After you successfully install the Office product, you will see the shortcut to open it on your main screen or taskbar.

  2. Launch the installed Office program and go to the Activate section.

  3. Click on the Activate button and wait for the wizard to appear.

  4. Choose to activate MS Office when it asks you.

  5. Go to the screen by clicking the Next option.

  6. You will be asked to enter the product activation key now.

  7. Provide the key in the requested column and follow the given instructions on the screen.

  8. Your Office product will be successfully activated in your device.