office.com/setup Is a Simple yet Very Complex website. The Main purpose Of the Website "www.office.com/setup" is to Help Microsoft365 & Office Users, Setup Office On Their Desired Device. User Who Have bought Office Product Key From A Retail Store can Access The URL: Office.com/setup or www.office.com/setup in Order to (Activate, Download & Install Office Setup) . www.office.com/setup is managed & maintained by Microsoft Corporation . Microsoft office users Can Get Access To Any Office Product like Microsoft 365, Office Home & Student 2019 or Office Home and Business 2019 Depending upon Their Office product Key Purchase.


Open Microsoft365.com/setup URL, Sign in, and enter the product key to download and install Microsoft 365 or Office on your computer. To download Microsoft 365 setup, go to www.Microsoft365.com/setup and follow instructions.

Where to enter your Microsoft 365 product key?

After you purchase 25 digit Microsoft Office 365 product key, then follow below steps and know where to enter the key;

1. Visit Microsoft365.com/setup or www.office.com/setup.

2. Sign-in to MS 365 account.

3. Type the keycode correctly.

4. Follow prompts to redeem the key.

How to create Microsoft 365 Account?

1. Visit Microsoft365.com/setup or Microsoft Cloud Partner site.

2. Click on “create a new account” or “Sign Up” tab.

3. Enter an email associating to Outlook or use a mobile number.

4. Click next and create a password.

5. Follow instructions and create Microsoft Office 365.

Download Microsoft Office 365

1. Launch a web browser and go to the Microsoft365.com/setup link.

2. Click sign-in and enter Microsoft 365 account details to login.

3. Now, reach on Microsoft home page and click Office 365 install.

4. Wait and let the setup gets download.

Microsoft Office 365 installation for windows

1. After the download from Microsoft365.com/setup webpage, select options like Run, Save File, setup, or another as per used browser.

2. Wait for prompt and hit YES.

3. Wait again until you see – You’re all set! The office is installed now.

4. Read and click “I accept” to accept the license terms

Microsoft Office 365 installation for Mac

1. To open the download file from the Microsoft365.com/setup page, go to Finder.

2. Open Downloads and double-tap on the installer.pkg file.

3. Review the Office 365 license terms and tap Continue.

4. Browse the location and click Install.

5. Type the asked Mac details and hit Install Software.

6. Open any of the apps after installation to get started.

7. Tap Get started and use the software.

Get Started & Access Microsoft 365 apps –

  • Go to microsoft365.com/setup and sign in.

  • Enter the Office product key to download MS Office 365 setup.

  • Install the software and activate using Office 365 account.

  • Open any Microsoft 365 app like Word to get started.

How can I create a Microsoft Office 365 login account?

Office 365 login –

Sign in with Microsoft 365 login account if you already are using Microsoft's other services like Outlook.com, Xbox Live, Skype, or OneDrive, it means you can use this account for Microsoft Office 365 login. Otherwise, follow the below instructions and create a Microsoft account;

  1. Open microsoft365.com/setup URL or visit account.microsoft.com.

  2. Click the "Create A New Account" tab and move next.

  3. Ensure that you already have an outlook email; if not, then create one.

  4. Enter the Outlook mail or an active mobile number.

  5. Click "Next" and enter a password that you will be using for Microsoft 365 login.

  6. Make confirmation and follow prompts to complete the process.

Microsoft 365 product key – Locate & How To Use Keycode

Purchase Microsoft office product key that contains 25 alphanumeric code and can be used at microsoft365.com/setup and during activation. Either visit Microsoft store or online key seller sites to purchase a copy of Microsoft 365 product key or buy the Microsoft Office product key retail card from an authorized retailer.

Check the key on the backside of the retail card. If you purchased from Microsoft store, check order history, and see the received confirmation email for other sites. Once you redeem the Microsoft keycode, visit microsoft365.com/setup to use the keycode or go to activation windows after installation.

What are the essential steps to download MS Office 365 for my PC?

Use Office login to download Microsoft Office 365 setup from microsoft365.com/setup on your PC. Check the internet connectivity and the system requirements; if all good, then follow the below-mentioned steps;

Microsoft 365 download – Office 365 download

  1. Launch the web browser and go to the microsoft365.com/setup site.

  2. On this webpage, click on blue colored "Sign In" tab.

  3. If you are already signed in, the account will be detected.

  4. Otherwise, enter the MS office account credentials on the same microsoft365.com/setup page.

  5. Next, enter 25 characters' keycode on the shown boxes.

  6. Click next and choose the country and region.

  7. Select your subscription and click "Download" tab.

  8. Open the file once Microsoft 365 download is completed and follow installation prompts.

How do I activate Microsoft Office without product key?

If you are using a free version of MS office, then it will require activation after 30 days. However, you can visit microsoft365.com/setup if you want to download Microsoft 365 using the product key. If you already have installed the setup from www.microsoft365.com/setup site, then follow instructions to install Office 365 setup;

  • Open the MS word using the Start menu or Finder.

  • Read the license agreement and click "I accept."

  • Enter the Microsoft 365 login credentials and tap get started.

If you have an activation key and not used through www.microsoft365.com/setup site;

  1. Open MS Word or Excel and click Blank Document.

  2. Open file hit account and click "Activate Product."

  3. Enter the keycode and activate the software.

How to download Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019?

Office Home & Student 2019 have two easier methods to download for your PC or Mac. Here’s what you can continue with –

Method 1 – Using MS office product key

  1. To start the download process, ensure you have the product key of Office.com/setup home student 2019.

  2. Next, visit the www.office.com/setup site.

  3. Sign in.

  • Enter Microsoft account email address.

  • Type the password to log in.

  1. Enter the one-time purchased key code.

  2. Follow prompts and click on Install office 2019.

  3. Office Home & Student 2019 will start downloading.

Method 2 – Using Microsoft work or school account

  1. Open web browser.

  2. Go to www.office.com.

  • You can also visit aka.ms/office-install to start Office Home & Student differently.

  1. Sign in to an account associated with Office 2019.

  2. Select Install Office to begin download.

How do you install office home and student?

Here’s the secure way to install Office setup Home & Student 2019

  1. On your web browser, search office.com/setup home & student 2019.

  2. Safely visit on MS office 2019 download portal.

  3. Sign in to Microsoft account or create an account.

  4. Enter the 25 characters keycode and mount with the account successfully.

  5. Go to subscription and device and click “Install office.”

  6. Double-click on the setup file of office 2019 to run the installer file.

  7. The installation wizard will start the installation automatically.

  8. Read and accept the software license terms.

  • If you’ve macOS, make sure you provide a mac admin Id password.

  1. Follow all shown prompts for trouble-free installation.

You can also install office home & student 2019 apps separately like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint during the installation process. After that,

Activate office.com/setup home student 2019

  • After successful installation, open any application from home & student 2019 software pack.

  • For example, you open MS word.

  • It will ask you to agree with terms and conditions, so click I accept or continue.

  • If you used office.com/setup to install the software, then click Sign In. Thereafter, the software will ask you to enter Microsoft office login credentials.

  • If the software is prompt to enter the activation key, type 25 digits key code and click Activate.

  • Your office.com/setup home & student 2019 is ready to use.

Downloading and setting up office setup home and student 2019

  • After the successful purchase, you will reach the download page.

  • Here click on the download button.

  • As soon as you click on the download button, your download will start.

  • Then wait for the load to complete.

  • After the download is complete, double click on .exe setup.

  • Now click on the yes button to continue.

  • After this, the box will appear for language selection.

  • Select the English language for your office home and student 2019.

  • Now the terms and condition box will appear, click on the I agree and continue option.

  • Now the installation will begin.

  • After installation is finished, you will be able to use office setup home and student 2019.

How to activate office via office.com/setup home student 2019?

Microsoft Office is very useful application or software. To complete Office setup home student 2019 online activation process, user should have Office Account along with product key. Then after we will be able to activate office product. Here are some steps listed below to complete process: –

  • Turn on your laptop or desktop computer

  • Open Any web browser on your device

  • Go to URL – Office.com/setup home student 2019

  • Sign-in with your Office Account

  • Enter 25 digits office product key

  • Choose Language & Country

  • Tap to continue to process

  • Now Key will be activated with your account.

How to Download & Install Office 2019?

To complete the process of download and Install office home & student 2019, user need to follow some steps listed below: –

Download Office home & Student 2019

  1. Open Web browser

  2. Visit URL – Office.com/setup home & Student 2019

  3. Sign-in with MS Office Account

  4. You will be redirected to product page

  5. Choose your product and Tap on Download now

  6. A setup file will be download on your device.

Install Office home & Student 2019

  • Run setup file downloaded on your device

  • Allow user agreement by tap on “YES”

  • Tap on Install Now to begin the Installation process

  • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete Installation

  • You will get message that “You are all set up” Once the installation will complete.

  • You can create Office icon shortcuts later on

What is Office product key and how to find it?

Office product key is a 25-character digits alpha-numeric code used to activate Office product for Windows or mac PC.

To complete the activation process user should have Office setup product key. After complete the activate user will be able to download and Install setup file onto the computer.

Office product key can be found according to the purchase of product.

  1. Purchase office product from retail store, they will receive a retail card from them. On to the backside of the card, user need to scratch to get office key.

  2. Purchase office from online store, they will get the detail onto their register email address that they provide at the time of purchase.

System Requirements for Office home and Student 2019

Office Home and student 2019 & Office Home and Business both version available for windows or Mac. Here are some basic requirements to Install office home & student on PC or Mac.

  • Computer and processor

  1. For Windows – OS: 1.6 GHz or faster, 2-core

  2. For MacOS – Intel processor

  • Memory

  1. For Windows OS: 4 GB RAM; 2 GB RAM (32-bit)

  2. For MacOS: 4 GB RAM

  • Hard disk

  1. Windows OS: 4 GB of available disk space

  2. For MacOS: 10 GB of available disk space; HFS+ hard disk format (also known as macOS Extended) or APFS

  • Operating system

  1. Windows OS: Windows 10, Windows Server 2019

  2. For MacOS: Office for Mac is supported on the three most recent versions of macOS.

Office.com/setup home student 2019 for Mac

Single-time office.com/setup home student 2019 activation is required for macOS versions. Follow steps to install the software pack on your Mac PC:-

  • If you have an older version of macOS, product functionality may vary for some.

  • Ensure you do have a unique non-used product license.

  • Current Office setup Home and Student version provide supported until October 2023.

  • To start the installation, open www.office.com/setup on your mac browser.

  • Make sure you already have signed in.

  • Enter the product key and select your country.

  • Download the preferred Office 2019 setup for macOS.

  • Double click on installer.pkg.Accept the home student 2019 software license terms.

  • Enter mac login password and click install software.

  • It’ll take a few moments to install office.com/setup home student 2019.

How to setup an account for Office.com/setup Home Student 2019

It’s essential to have an account for installing and setting up the MS Office 2019 software. You can use your outlook or skype account for sign in. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, follow below instructions:-

  1. Open Microsoft my account portal i.e., account.microsoft.com.

  2. You’ll jump to the Office account home page, click “Create a Microsoft account.”

  3. A page will prompt asking you to enter outlook mail.

  4. Enter an email address or use the phone number.

  5. Fill up details like name, email, country and language.

  6. Create a password so you can access Office.com/setup Home Student 2019 .

  7. Click next and follow instructions to create an MS office account.

Download and install office setup home student 2019

Step ahead to download and install Office.com/setup Home Student 2019 with below instructions:-

  1. Launch a web browser, then visit www.office.com.

  2. You can also open Microsoft partner site for Office 2019.

  3. Click Sign in.

  4. Provide Ms office account details to login.

  5. On the Office home page, click Install Office.

  6. Select Office 2019 or Office 365 apps.

  7. Download 32-bit or 16-bit version of home student 2019.

  8. Open and run the setup.exe installer.

  9. You’re all set.

  10. Open Office 2019 and enter the activation key.

  11. Office.com/setup Home Student 2019 is ready to use.

Office 2019 Digital License/Product Key

Activate Office.com/setup Home Student 2019 using the license code. The Office product key is 25 digits alphanumeric key that you can purchase from a retail store. You can purchase the digital license from online stores as well.

How to setup an account for Office.com/setup Home Student 2019

It’s essential to have an account for installing and setting up the MS Office 2019 software. You can use your outlook or skype account for sign in. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, follow below instructions:-

  1. Open Microsoft my account portal i.e., account.microsoft.com.

  2. You’ll jump to the Office account home page, click “Create a Microsoft account.”

  3. A page will prompt asking you to enter outlook mail.

  4. Enter an email address or use the phone number.

  5. Fill up details like name, email, country and language.

  6. Create a password so you can access Office.com/setup Home Student 2019 .

  7. Click next and follow instructions to create an MS office account.

Steps for downloading office setup from Office.com/setup

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account utilizing the login accreditations and after that type an authentic Office thing key.

  • The thing key can be found on the veneer of the thing or in the letter drop of your chose email id.

  • On the off chance that you acquired Office thing scratch retail card, at that point you can locate the key on the back of the retail card.

  • Subsequent to entering the critical thing key you have to click Submit and after that click Install jump on the My Account page.

  • Presently as per your program click spare record or run, to spare the report on your framework.

Steps for office setup installation

  • Open downloads organizer and accordingly open the downloaded file by then twofold on the downloaded setup, to run the document.

  • Snap Continue on the approval wizard and after that click Agree in the wake of examining and persevering through the permit.

  • Snap Install and enter the username and secret word, when activated by then snap Install Software.

  • Presently stick to the course given on the screen and a brief span later snap close after the suitable establishment of the item.

Steps for office Activation using product key

  • In the wake of introducing the Microsoft office thing on your structure, tap on the LaunchPad symbol.

  • Select any Office application like MS Word, and a brief span later snap Get Started.

  • Presently you will be requested to enter your email id to sign in to your record, and a brief timeframe later snap Next.

  • Enter the secret articulation, sign in to your record and after that Office will check for a significant thing key.

  • After the gainful check, you have to tap on the Start utilizing Word.

Well done! You are done and now you can utilize your alteration of the Office to make the undertakings simpler.