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Let's Get Started With Office Setup Product key

Steps by steps

  1. Go to office setup website Open any browser & visit or

  2. Sign In To Your office Account.

  3. Get your Office setup product key Handy.

  4. Enter office setup product key.

  5. Select your country and language.

  6. Download office setup and follow on-Screen instructions.

  7. Finish the office setup install process and run the office applications.

  8. Microsoft office Is Ready to use.

Steps By Steps Guide to Download Office Setup on Windows or Mac

If you are new to Microsoft Office, downloading it may be a bit difficult for you. To help you download Microsoft Office, we have mentioned the step-by-step procedure below. To download MS office, go through the following procedure:

    1. First, open your web browser.

    2. Enter in the URL bar.

    3. If you are already logged in, it is good. If not, sign in.

    4. Whether Microsoft or work account, you can choose any one of these. If you are a student, you can choose a school account.

    5. Choosing one of these will redirect you to the home page of Microsoft Office.

    6. Select the "Install Office" option.

    7. If you see "Install" again, click it to start downloading.

    8. It may take a while during the downloading process.

Steps to Install Office on Windows

To install MS Office on your Windows computer or laptop in simple steps, follow the instructions mentioned below:

    1. Click the "Setup" if you have accessed the site using Chrome Browser.

    2. If you use the Firefox browser, you need to click "Save file."

    3. As you select one of these, the file will start downloading.

    4. As soon as the downloading process is complete, you will see the "You're all set" tab.

    5. Now, you need to click "Close."

    6. Start using any Office app by clicking on it.

Activate Office on Windows

Activating Office on Windows is a simple process, but those who have installed it the first time may face problems. We have mentioned the simple and quick steps to do that. Follow the procedure step by step:

    1. Click the "Start" icon to look for any Office app.

    2. Type any of the office apps, namely Excel.

    3. Select it if it appears in the results.

    4. Read the license agreement and accept it.

    5. MS Office is activated now.

Install Office on Mac

For installation, Mac user can follow the presented instructions:

    1. Having downloaded the setup file from, search for it in the "Downloads" folder on your Mac.

    2. The file name will be shown as Microsoft Office Installer.pkg.

    3. Reach the installation window, and click the "Continue."

    4. Go through the license agreement carefully and select "Continue."

    5. Now, click on "Agree" to comply with terms and conditions.

    6. Choose the way you intend to install the program and then hit "Continue."

    7. Click on install and type the correct user password.

    8. Hit "Install Software."

    9. Click "Close" to complete the installation.

Activate MS Office on Mac

To activate MS Office on Mac, all you need is follow the instructions:

    1. First, launch the Dock, then click on the Launchpad.

    2. Now, search for any office app like Excel.

    3. Click on the app icon.

    4. A "What's New" window may appear on the screen.

    5. Click on the "Get Started" option to complete the activation.