• "Does Politicians' Negative Social Media Communication Backfire? A Case Study of Former U.S. President Trump" Forthcoming. Political Studies Review (SSCI)

Work in Progress

  • Chips and American Support for International Intervention

  • Out-party Cues and American Threat Perception of China

  • "The Autocratic Nature: The Effectiveness of COVID-19 Pandemic Policy in China." Book chapter in Politics Under Pandemic: How COVID-19 Reshapes the Political Landscape in Taiwan and Beyond (with Charles Wu and Yao-Yuan Yeh)

  • "Public Opinion and Foreign Intervention in Democracies and Autocracies" (with Yao-Yuan Yeh and Charles Wu)

Other Publications

  • "Book Review: Richard C. Bush's Uncharted Strait: The Future of China-Taiwan Relations " Political Science Quarterly Review (Taiwan) Volume 38, 2013 (in Mandarin)

  • "Book Review: Richard C. Bush's Untying the Knot: Making Peace in the Taiwan Strait" Political Science Quarterly Review (Taiwan), Volume 30, 2011 (in Mandarin)