HSSC 2020

The 2nd Annual Haifa International Social Science Workshops for Graduate Students, July 6th, 2020

Conference program 2020

Conference theme: Social Institutions and Norms in the Digital Age

Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives. From the daily routines of billions of ordinary people to policies of multinational organizations, rapid and ongoing developments benefit and pose challenges for individuals and societies alike. What role can social science play in addressing the impact of technology on various social institutions? The 2nd Annual Haifa Social Sciences Conference addresses this question by bringing together graduate students conducting interdisciplinary research that is relevant to some of our era’s most critical issues.

We welcome submissions on interdisciplinary research from all fields including but not limited to: Political Science | Psychology | Economics | Geography and Environmental Studies | Computer Sciences | Communication | Sociology | Anthropology | Law | Criminology | Social Work | Statistics | Peace Studies |


IDIT - Honors Scholar Program

University of Haifa

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