by Isabella Wang

Hsiu Ceramic by Isabella Wang


Unique functional ceramic handmade by Isabella Wang.

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Each pottery piece is wheel thrown, unique piece made by Isabella in Melbourne, Australia. They reflects her experience at the time of life, created with love, passion, dedication and lots of care. In hope to create that item when you go into a shop that you just must have.

"Hsiu" means gem-like stone, it's the last word of my mandarin name, in hope that my work would be a gem to its collector.

Pottery was introduced to her by her mother at a very young age. Her work is inspired by nature and trips around the world. Fusing the western minimalist style, with strong influence of Japanese's "wabisabi" ethos and her Taiwanese heritage, you can find these elements balanced throughout her work.

All potteries are fired to a temperature that is food, microwave and dishwasher safe, unless otherwise specified. Do not recommend putting them in the oven, and for the more refine pieces, best not to put it into the dishwasher. Extreme and sudden changes in temperature and pressure, may result it to crack, they need to be handled with care.

Follow me for future new listing, as I have just begun, there are many more pieces to list. Hope you find something like that here for you!

Studies - An initial development that may lead to a Series.

Series - Collections that would make me proud to say it's my work, that bears the mark "Hsiu".

Seconds - Pieces that have minor flaws noted by my inner critic, that doesn't quite make it in the Series, flaws such as inconsistent glaze or imperfect "imperfect form". You may just be very delighted by the uniqueness of the piece.


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