HSE Math

High School Equivalency

Site: http://bit.ly/hsemath (lower case letters ONLY)

Hosted by: Dr. Daniel Stein of LIEOC , Dan@DrDanielStein.com

This site presented at ACCES/LI-RAEN conference at Farmingdale State College in 2018, in cooperation with LIEOC (Long Island Education and Opportunity Center).


  • What are the Key Math Topics for TASC Test?
  • Key Math Topic online graded quizzes for students (accessible by phone or computer) with results that can be sent to the teacher. One quiz source is in Spanish.
  • Online resources for understanding mathematics. (Math Regents from 1866 with answers atJMAP.org), multimedia visual aids (MathOpenRef.com)
  • Tech 1- Add this site to your home screen. (iphone, android)
  • Tech 2- Take a screen shot of your completed online scored quiz and send/show it to your teacher (Iphone, android)