Sedimentary evolution of Late Cretaceous deep-water basins in the Dinarides (SECret)

A bilateral Slovenian-Croatian research project funded by the Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ) and Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency (ARIS)

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HRZZ project IPS-2023-02-2683

Principal investigator of bilateral project: Špela Goričan

Leader of Croatian team and coordinator for HRZZ part of the project: Borna Lužar-Oberiter


The long-lasting evolution of the Dinarides which involved multiple phases of intense tectonics produced numerous synorogenic basins. In orogenic settings, where details regarding geological events are often obscured by tectonothermal overprinting, dismemberment and erosion, clastic material stored within synorogenic sediments represents an indispensable source of information. In fact, where uplift and erosion have completely removed certain geological units, data derived from the analysis of such clastic material may well be the only remaining evidence of past events. Today, situated along the boundary between the internal and external Dinarides, remnants of the Late Cretaceous-Paleocene basin system extend from the Alpine-Dinaride transitional area in Slovenia and Croatia and continue along the main Dinaric trend through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. At present, a general lack of detailed multi-method provenance and biostratigraphic data on basinal deposits of the Dinarides hinders our ability to place precise, reliable constraints on the dynamics of major tectonic phases and the paleogeographic changes that resulted. 


The main aim of the Croatian team within the bilateral project is to gather new field and analytical data from siliciclastic, calciclastic and pelagic-hemipelagic deposits focused on provenance and stratigraphy.


Provide a better understanding of the Late Cretaceous-Paleocene basin system evolution in space and time, particularly the interaction between major tectonic events, basin evolution, and sediment supply, as well as resulting paleogeography.



University of Zagreb Faculty of Science, Department of Geology




Borna Lužar-Oberiter, project leader

University of Zagreb Faculty of Science

Department of Geology

Horvatovac 102a, 10000 Zagreb

TEL: +38514606097